Abú Media/TG4 - 'Guth' (The Smiths - how their ancestry influenced their creativity) MPG

Famous when dead

40 minutes - MPG format - 1.3 gig

‘Guth’, a new six-part series examining the impact of the Irish diaspora on popular music in the US and UK.

"Investigating what life was like in Manchester for members of rock band the Smiths, who are descended from Irish immigrants, and how their ancestry influenced their creativity. Their songs struck a chord with an entire generation, and they were strongly aware of their roots, which is evident in Steven Morrissey's tune Irish Blood English Heart."

’Guth’ takes some of the biggest musical icon – Bing Crosby, John Lydon, Morrissey and Marr, Dusty Springfield, John Lennon, or the Gallagher Brothers among them – and examines the role their Irish heritage played in their lives and careers. In turn, the impact they had here will be discussed.

Series producer Bríd Seoighe (‘Garraí Glas’) of Abú Media told IFTN,” It is often said that the emigrants that sailed from this country travelled with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but they also carried with them something more intangible: they carried stories and songs of home in their hearts.”

(Guth = Voice).

This show was discussed here in 2013 when it aired, but going through the Smiths archive - here is the actual show for those interested.
Any Irish language usage is subbed.
Features Joyce and Len Brown amongst others.


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