2012! Who are you voting for?

Who gets your vote? #2012

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Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for?

jesus, is Bachman still even in the running?

She's an idiot, and politics bore f*** out of me


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Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for?

Ron Paul...as of now, anyway.

Ms Valerie Gina

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Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for?

Santorum is surging! :D

America needs to finally wake up and taste the Santorum that's going to be spread all over America!

Happy Maudlin

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Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for?

However, it's alarming that Romney is emerging as the front-runner. Virtually anyone could beat this in-over-his-head loser in the White House (this is a moment like when Jimmy Carter was up for re-election). Why go with a slickster and a sell-out who's just gonna muddle the waters again? Now's the time to hit back hard at the socialists and take this country back.

For real, not comfortable with his emergence at all. But his position is bought rather than ascribed though. Either way, I smell scum.


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Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for?

I'm with Ron Paul 100%. My mom voted for him in '08. I will be voting for him at the end of the month for our Florida election.
I voted for Obama thinking I'd better not split the vote but it didn't matter who won between Mccain or Obama. It's too funny the same people are funding Romney and Obama's campaign.

Mccain cowrote the Ndaa bill that Obama signed on New Years eve. We had two crappy choices. I sincerely hope we're not stuck with two identical candidates to choose from this time.
I will write Ron Paul's name in if he is not the Republican candidate. He hasn't decided if he will run as the Libertarian candidiate if he doesn't win the Republican nominee. I believe Glenn Johnson already is...I could be wrong.

Ron Paul has been getting quite a bit of bad press from MSM/slate/Fox News, etc. I don't agree 100% with all of his policies but the main ones such as ndaa, sopa, the war, loss of civil liberties, etc. are hugely important. It's not likely we'd really go to the gold standard...
I really don't care what our presidents position on abortion is. Ron Paul says he wants to keep the fed out of it. Fine. Leave it up to the states.
What I care about is the increasing amount of control the president keeps getting since Bush's two terms and now from Obama.
We need checks and balances.

Bauchman and Santorum seem to believe they are in the right to start a religious war. Obama and Romney do what the corportations tell them. Which is more dangerous?
I'm not sure but I don't like those choices. It seems to be leading to a war with Iran at any rate.

oh well. A lot of people don't even realise America is a republic not a democracy. We should vote.

Glen Greenwald wrote a great article explaining a big part of the problem.
Greenwald wasn't endorsing a candidate in his article but he expresses very eloquently the underlining problem I have in revoting Obama in.
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