who cares?

  1. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    my 2010 #1 solo crush

    virtually dead biru bysshe nugz iamnicola troubleluvsme Silke therightone CrystalGeezer -each is awesome in their own way :) also, you can vote for more than one
  2. kyleleonard

    Confed Cup Final; USA - Brazil

    2-0 at half-time to USA. i think they'll eventually go on to win it at 3-1... Brazil are a shadow of their former self, but still, major victory so far...
  3. ADAM

    James Dean’s high school faces demolition

    http://www.indystar.com/article/20090407/LOCAL/90407039 This is a call to arms, my friends. We need to form a human shield and, literally, throw our arms around Fairmount High School. I will stare down the bulldozer. Will you? Also, please note, you can protest and you can frink, but you gotta...
  4. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm going to Bolivia

    for a bunch of weeks, to feel the fresh air of the mountains, and the coke and sheep shit and the deer shine on me crazy diamond
  5. Theo

    Is it true or false that Kewpie is censoring tags in the 'sty??

    The rules for the Pigsty say there's just one rule (as long as the postings do not contain photos of, or personal info about, forum members, or hardcore porn). I do not read most threads on SoLow so I often don't know what all is going on. EPBabe brought it to my attention that...
  6. King Leer

    No more Julia shout-outs from Moz?

    Curious when this stopped. Is she still always standing front and center? I have no particular feelings about Julia either way, but she, and more importantly Moz' recognition of her, has been a pretty regular feature of live shows for a while now. Please don't turn this into a nasty debate...
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