1. Light Housework

    The Drivel Thread

    I will be posting my shit here.
  2. S

    THE WEATHER PROPHETS - The Complete Singles, EP's & B-Sides

    Hi, another great band who deserved better luck back in the 80's. Pete Astor's The Weather Prophets created some sublime pop gems for Creation Records between 1985 and 1988. The full tracklist to this 2-CD set, 27-track compilation is: CD 1 ALMOST PRAYED YOUR HEARTBEAT BREATHES THE...
  3. bonamoz

    Pittsburgh, anyone?!

    Hello! Longtime fan of the Mozzer and reader of Never made my way to the forums until today, but enough about that nonsense... Anyone going to see him in Pittsburgh on the 17th of March? Interested in meeting up beforehand? Alas, all of my friends are lame and aren't...
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