1. nickbatcave

    Anyone have these Smiths interview scans? + archive

    Hello, I am trying to rebuild an interview archive, something like what Morrissey-Scans was. I have made considerable progress, but one of the things I am missing is a scan of the Hot Press 4 May 1984 interview with The Smiths. If anyone has this scan, or any of the following, it would be much...
  2. nickbatcave

    Whatever Happened to Morrissey-scans?

    I never really took to researching The Smiths and Morrissey until recently, although I've been a fan for years. Now that I am more interested in collecting articles and such, Morrissey-scans is linked to a lot on the "Passions Just Like Mine" site, and I think I vaguely recall visiting it once...
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