1. Nerak

    Morrissey as folk devil

    A folk devil is the personification of evil. They're engaged in wrongdoing. An instantly recognisable unambiguously negative symbol with no favourable characteristics. A threat to society. Their sins must be litanised (there are lists of Moz's crimes!). Good people must identify, denounce and...
  2. The Truth

    Nergal of Behemoth on being a Morrissey fan, avoiding politics

    Starts at 1:57 talking about how politics should be separate from music. Talks about Morrissey starting at 2:35
  3. B

    Music video feedback? 'big mouth strikes again' please?

    Hi! Myself and my media group did a music video for our A2 assignment with the song 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' by the Smiths. We were meant to do some kind of screening to our target audience ... trouble is... Our college doesn't really contain the target audience we are looking for )...
  4. C

    Getting in touch with Morrissey

    This is probably a frequent discussion but since he's performing in my home town I found myself more obsessed than usual. And I got a press credential to photograph the concert (still waiting for the tour manager's permission, though) and I really wish I could interview Morrissey. Or at least...
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