1. BouquetOfFlowers


    Hello, I made an account because I've been a silent reader of the forum and decided to jump in just for fun. The community here is lovely. I just thought I'd draft a proper hello because that is form etiquette? I discovered The Smiths about four years ago. I heard How Soon is Now? on the...
  2. Sister I'm a Poet

    Lovingly put-together Morrissey zine

    My friend bought the first two issues of this Morrissey zine and I was quite impressed by it. Here is the website where you can order copies: (Text from the website) "Two Light Ales Please" - A Smiths/Morrissey fanzine. 96 pages of Smiths/Morrissey...
  3. Steven Taylor

    Mexico City fans for collaboration

    Hello. My name is Steven Taylor. I am currently directing a short piece on Morrissey and his incredible connection to Mexico with my creative partner Jory Lee Cordy. We were both filming at the most recent Mexico City show and the festival in Guadalajara. We are wondering if you could help us...
  4. D

    34, clumsy, and shy

    I just wanted to introduce myself - I've always been a long time reader, but always a little shy to post. My name is Denise and I have the privilege of writing a book about Morrissey for BackBeat Boooks/Hal Leonard publishing. It's called Morrissey FAQ and it's an in depth reference book...
  5. Randy Darling

    Martha Wainwright loves Morrissey

    I was just browsing through the net in the last few lazy hours before college and came across an old (2006) interview with Martha Wainwright by Tom Robinson on BBC6. Martha turns out to be a big fan of Moz and Robinson recounts his encounter with the man himself years ago. Here`s the link to...
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