1. typicalgenius

    Come to Camden I'll be good

    Camden's BB&T Pavilion has a delirious number of seats still available for next Monday's show -- so why should you consider purchasing one or both of mine? For ONE: they're fairly pleasant seats -- the scenic Sec 102 Row K Seat 19 and the even plusher Sec 101 Row C Seat 5 -- nearly as close as...
  2. Elvez

    Longview - Acoustic set @ Camden Monarch 23rd July

    One of the most underrated bands of the last 10 years. Go see them in person as it's a rare live appearance, and you will feel like you're back at Glasto again. They put on an awe inspiring set. Their songs are epic, plus they're from Manchester! :thumb: "Rob and Doug will play an acoustic...
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