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    Bad Gays Podcast - S3E9 - Morrissey

    The excellent Bad Gays podcast, examining the evil and complicated queers in history, has today released it's examination of none other than MORRISSEY. It's an excellently researched show about figures from a range of different eras in...
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    Some Morrissey shirts for sale on eBay

    Hi guys Decluttering, so grab yourself a bargain. Bullfighter Dies medium shirt - Years of Refusal small/medium tour shirt - Ringleader large tour shirt -...
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    Ready for the Floor (S&G), Manchester - 10th March '18 - New York Disco

    Hi guys Our monthly clubnight READY FOR THE FLOOR, hosted by the wonderful Star and Garter on Fairfield Street and home of the world famous Smiths/Morrissey Disco, returns on Saturday February 17th. This month, starting at 10pm, we will be having a special BLUR vs SUEDE clubnight, where we will...
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    General live question

    Hi folks Just having a casual listen to some Smiths/solo recently and then onto some of my downloaded boots, I had a question. Are there any wiki-esque sites that catalogue which songs Morrissey has performed on each tour and how many times? I know PJLM goes up to 2014 with some great...
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    Any plans for Berlin?

    Hi gang. I'm in Berlin next weekend for the M gig but wondered if there is anything going on that weekend in any of the many, many clubs the city has to offer? Googled but not much luck. Worse comes to worse I'll just get blind drunk in the Magnet Club again.
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    "Moz Angeles" points of interest

    I don't usually post on Solo much these days but felt inclined during this fit of boredom. Just flown home to Manchester from a lovely three week road trip across the States where I took a few days in Los Angeles. I was a bit apprehensive about going to LA, I thought it was a dull, concrete...
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    London 2012 Summer Olympics torchlighting segment titled "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

    The torchlighting segment was titled "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Opening Ceremony Media Guide (pdf) -
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    hello there new person here

    hi there guys My name is Ben i live in Manchester and have been a Smiths/Morrisey fans for few months now I go into the Smiths/Morrisey when I was watching charmed and i heard the heme ne and thought it was mint so I downloaded it, heard it was a cover of a band called the Smiths so after...
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    Manchester Mode night 4 - 25/02/11

    Probably won't garner too much interest here but you can't blame a tryer. I promote an occasion Depeche Mode night here in Manchester, held at the Star and Garter, the home of the world famous Smiths and Morrissey Night. There will be lots of Mode, associated acts such as Gahan and Gore's...
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    FAO Soloers trying to add me on Facebook

    While I'm sure you're lovely people, I don't actually KNOW you. My friendship isn't exactly in demand, I understand, nor am I particularly special, but I thought FB was a social tool or keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, no one on this forum who I would consider one of...
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    Does bring 6'6" make you a bigger Morrissey fan?

    lol i cant spell lol i'm off to bed
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    Best looking Soloer you've met

    Easily crimes. Beautiful person. Cheques' in the post, gorgeous x
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    For sale - 2x standing Brixton 29/5

    Much like my Hull ticket, I simply don't want to go anymore. Face value plus postage fees, PayPal preferred, £72.50 in total. Priority to the first person who either PMs me or replies to this thread. Sorry Moz, but you were good in your time :( Ben x
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    For sale - One Hull ticket (19/05)

    Just arrived but I don't actually want to go anymore, am THAT skint. It's anyone's if they can play for the ticket and the recorded delivery. Forget the booking fees etc, I don't care. £35, PayPal please. Etc etc etc. Ben
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    Girl advice

    My friend wants to know how you ask a girl out for a drink on MSN Messenger after a few weeks of back and forth talking in a situation rendered more difficult and embarrassing by the fact me and....the friend and her girl never actually met. My friend thanks you in advance.
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    An open letter to forum poster "biru"

    Hey, What's up? Ben.
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    Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, doot dooo I'm afraid of the dark, 'specially when I'm in a park And there's no-one else around, Ooh, I get the shivers I don't want to see a ghost, It's a sight that I fear most I'd rather...
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    Mike Joyce's "Meat Is Murder" gold disc auction this Thursday at TV21, Manchester

    Hello all! Mike Joyce has kindly donated his gold disc of Meat Is Murder to be auctioned off at a charity event this Thursday evening. It's an exciting opportunity for all Smiths fans to own a piece of musical history. Also for auction will be a gold disc of "(What's the Story) Morning...
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    Mode fans - Manchester Mode Night - 27/02/09

    Right you lot, Continuing on from the success of the first black celebration back in August 08, we are a week or so away from the second ever Manchester Mode Night - an evening with Mode, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and a few associated artists thrown in for good measure. I might even play This...
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    Bow down before your Idiot King

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