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  1. Stanley Ogden

    New album?

    I found this on regarding the coming Aarhus-gig: "Morrissey har netop færdiggjort sit tiende soloalbum, og i den forbindelse får Danmark ikke mindre end to besøg af den legendariske engelske stjerne" Translated to english it says that Morrissey has just finished his 10th...
  2. Stanley Ogden


    Aarhus sold out in three hours!
  3. Stanley Ogden

    Advise for Moz quotes-tattos

    If a was a brave man, I would tattoo a Morrissey qoute on my arm. Anyone there who would help me find the right one? My thoughts until now has bee: "trouble loves me", "practicing troublemaker", and "still ill"
  4. Stanley Ogden

    Hollywood Bowl - what happened to the DVD?

    I remember some time ago that Warner published a dvd of the 2007 show at the Hollywood Bowl. Anyone know the real reason why it never was put on the market?
  5. Stanley Ogden

    Best sentence in Morrissey-song?

    Does anyone have a favourite Morrissey-sentence from a song. Here are some of mine: There's too many people/Planning your downfall So, the choice I have made/may seem strange to you/ but who asked you anyway? /it's my life /to wreck /my own way "Oh Christ, another stifled Friday...
  6. Stanley Ogden

    ROTT and Rome

    I`ve just returned from Rome (my first visit there) and first now I realize how big influence the city has on ROTT. Phrases like "Now I`m walking through Rome and there is no place to move, but my hear feels free" suddenly makes a lot more sence. Whenever I heard an ambulance I was...
  7. Stanley Ogden

    Did Russell Brand get an invitation to Morrisseys 50th. birthday-party?

    We all know Jonathan Ross got invited(twitter), but what about Russel? Anyone who knows when/where it was held? Julia, you were probably there. Please share!
  8. Stanley Ogden

    Oslo roll call

    Anyone going?
  9. Stanley Ogden

    Where did you travel from to see Morrissey at RAH

    I came from Norway. It`s probably not a record, but what a disappointment! Anyone better?
  10. Stanley Ogden

    Pitchforkmedia give YOR 8.1 out of 10.

    Pitchfork gives YOU a blastering 8.1 out of 10 and the review is positive all the way through! Way to go MOZ!!!
  11. Stanley Ogden

    Great Morrissey songs that were never released

    I`m listening to the song Striptease with a difference right now. What a great song, what a rythm it`s got. Are there other tracks like this that has never seen the light of day?
  12. Stanley Ogden

    Will you download a concert before going so see Morrissey?

    Are you going to download one, some or all of his concerts on or similar internettsites before going to see him yourself or will that just destroy some of the experience? I`m quite torn on the question myself. On the one hand it might take some of the magic away. On the other...
  13. Stanley Ogden

    Smiths/Morrissey albumsales worldwide

    Is there a website that shows how many copies an artist/band has sold of their different albums? I`d love to see how the different Smiths/Morrissey-albums have been doing compared to other arists/groups.
  14. Stanley Ogden


    In my opinion the four Whyte tracks stand out as the best songs on YOR. Why is he not playing with Morrissey anymore? Did they fall out with each other?
  15. Stanley Ogden

    You were good in your time - Who is it about?

    Do you think he is refering to a specific person?
  16. Stanley Ogden

    1 ticket for Royal Albert Hall for sale

    Hi to you all. I have one ticket for Royal Albert hall for sale if I get tickets for the Oslo-gig. They`re out for sale tomorrow. I will not be charging more than I bought them for. But I have one problem: Since I`m from Norway seetickets has emailed me with information that I will have...
  17. Stanley Ogden

    Because we must

    Can anyone explain where "Because we must" comes from and what it refers to? I was browsing through Morrissey tattoos on google, and found an arm with that quote on it.
  18. Stanley Ogden

    Where to stay in London for RAH concert

    I got tickets to the Royal Albert Hall Concert. Any suggestions where I should stay? Earlier I have stayed at St. George Hotel on Glouceter Street, close to Marble Arch. They charge 85 pounds if I remember right. This time I thought I`d try something different. Any suggestions?
  19. Stanley Ogden

    I got tickets to the Royal Albert Hall concert!!!!!

    Oh my God! Those tickets went out fast. I was nervous like hell, and failed to get standing tickets, but what the neck! My third Morrissey gig. Quart, Roundhuse, now the Royal Albert Hall. I seem to be moving up in the world! Could this be the best?
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