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    request: Manchester MEN audio

    Could some kind soul please post any MP3's they may have of Saturday night? If anyone knows how to piece together the audio from youtube and put it online, that'd be wonderful. Thanking you in advance. Bournemoz :D
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    Everyday is Like Sunday fails to make the UK top 40

    Most likely top 50 according to :confused:
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    Everyday Is Like Sunday - midweek chart position

    Top 30 according to
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    Satan Rejected My Soul

    A weak link or a welcome set addition to any forthcoming live dates?
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    Swords - Midweek chart news

    Not made the top 40 according to
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    Years of Refusal #2 Thursday update

    overtaken by Lily Allen according to
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    Years of Refusal #1 tuesday midweek

    No idea of sales but it's just under a thousand ahead of Lily Allen, so it's going to be close.
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    "Paris" midweek - top 20

    Midweek placing somewhere between 16 and 20 according to :straightface: Maybe the Jonathan Ross show and the Radio 2 gig will boost it??
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    Why "All You Need Is Me" not on the Radio 2 playlist at all?

    Jonathan Ross played it Saturday but I don't think it's getting on any playlists.
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    Isle of Wight Festival offered Morrissey, Phil Collins as stand in drummer in 2005!

    Scroll down for quote from John Giddings
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    Greatest Hits at #6 in UK albums midweek chart

    ALBUMS 1 Jack Johnson 2 Nickelback 3 Adele 4 Michael Jackson 5 One Night Only Top 10 6 Morrissey Mika Michael Buble Top 20 David Jordan Top 30 Laura Marling
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    HMV selling 2cd edition of Greatest Hits for £18.99

    Is it me or is that a tad steep?
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    That's How People Grow Up - A chart update

    According to Morrissey is "comfortably" #1 in physical sales of the single. It's the downloads which are pegging him back.
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    That's How People Grow Up - Looks like it won't make the top ten

    Summary SINGLES 1 Basshunter 2 Nickelback 3 Adele 4 Rihanna 5 David Jordan Top 15 Mark Brown/Sarah Cracknell Morrissey Top 20 The Feeling Top 30 Kylie Minogue 30 Seconds To Mars Adele - HG Top 40 Michael Jackson Biffy Clyro Timbaland - Scream
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    Artist creates Morrissey display at Central St Martins College, London

    Anyone have anymore details on this beautiful work of art? According to my sister, it has been created out of lyrics to one of his songs (no more info, sadly)
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    1 ticket needed for 22nd and 23rd at the Roundhouse

    Can anyone please help? [email protected] Here's hoping! Justin Gladdis (aka Bournemoz)
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    "That's How People Grow Up" Press Release

    Just taken stock of the new promo cd. Below is a transcript of what is attached on the back of the case. Morrissey recently signed to Decca and the first release from this new chapter in his astonishing career is the brand new single "That's How People Grow Up" on January 28th. A week...
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    "That's How People Grow Up" is the new single

    It will be released late January/early February, to promote the Greatest Hits lp. Kristeen Young's vocals feature at the start of the track. I cannot confirm the second new track on the hits disc. I am certain Polydor will confirm the single and album details very shortly. I work in...
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    Gary Day's finest moment?

    For me, Life Is A Pigsty and Tomorrow. Any thoughts?
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