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  1. SeniorLife

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Lou Reed’s best in my opinion. The simple lyrics delivered perfectly. The way he sings ….’…..I thought I was someone else, someone good….’ just hits the spot. Be well.
  2. SeniorLife

    The Smiths A-Z: "Death of a Disco Dancer"

    I prefer the demo version as that version is the one I chose for my ‘work playlist’…I’m sure Larry who sits next to me is quite annoyed at me whistling along w Morrissey at the end.
  3. SeniorLife

    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    This coming from the poster whose avatar is a Glamour Shot that probably took 1/2 hr to ‘perfect’… I will confess, it is extremely intimidating and whoever it is looks very, very tough….lol…..yeah, I’m the stooge….. Moron.
  4. SeniorLife

    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    Nobody cares what you have to say…yeah you. Go away. You are a bug in the corner of the eye that is small enough to evade eradication but annoyingly enough that you distort everything you encounter. Bell well…I never wish ill on anyone….but nobody cares what you have to say. Go somewhere else...
  5. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central “SWEETIE PIE” (December 17, 2021)

    Wow. It's really, really hard for me to believe that someone that was responsible for picking such great photos or stills for album sleeves is just allowing himself to be associated with this....whatever this is.... Is it a mad attempt to avoid falling into irrelevance? Isn't it a quote from...
  6. SeniorLife

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Yeah...I probably worded it wrong by saying he wanted to die. I think he would have chosen life vs life in prison for sure, so that is not the same thing as 'wanting to die'. I could have worded that better. He also struggled mightily with being separated from his girlfriend (I don't think...
  7. SeniorLife

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Well done, nice reference... It's a long read....but 'The Executioner's Song' is a very in depth look at hypocrisy of the death penalty. People want to sentence convicts to death, but then don't want to actually carry it out. Not easy on the conscious I presume. I don't support capital...
  8. SeniorLife

    Fiona Dodwell: "The Mythology Of Morrissey" (November 16, 2021)

    It's been a tough couple of years for me, but all of a sudden I feel pretty good about my outlook.
  9. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE" (November 12, 2021)

    Oh man...that sucks ACTON...I lost mine due to time, but to have them ripped from you, that's worse.
  10. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE" (November 12, 2021)

    Some of Morrissey's greatest songs have been written when he has had a giant push of passion behind them regarding something he has cared about greatly in his life...ala, the Monarchy (do I capitalize that?), animal rights....the list goes on. While what I say I hope doesn't make trite the...
  11. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE" (November 12, 2021)

    Lol...when I first read your post, I stopped at the first sentence and thought you were referring to the posters some of us may have put up on our wall. It made me reminisce for a bit. I had Viva Hate one, and another one that I can't quite remember exactly what was on it, but it reminded my...
  12. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "THIS CRUEL WORLD" (November 9, 2021)

    You start your post by calling some people the 'r' word (which is disgusting in itself)....and then go on to write that incoherent babble. It's called the 'shift' key. Try it. I wish you the best.
  13. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "THIS IS NOT TRUE" (November 6, 2021)

    I think we will all get to an age where we start to think about our legacy. I think Morrissey is no different than all of us in this regards, and it's safe to say that someone that has been in the public eye for decades now will be even more conscious of what they leave behind. Whether this...
  14. SeniorLife

    Finsbury Park?

    As always, thank you for your efforts, FWD.
  15. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central & SER YT: "You Don't Need Their Approval" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 31, 2021)

    Because 'we' have a right to our opinion. Who said our opinions have to be aligned? I would kindly ask you to refrain from telling me how I can feel about something, and I'll pay you the same respect.
  16. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central & SER YT: "If Saturday Ever Comes" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 29, 2021)

    Well done. As per previous thread, of course I am not as smart as some people here, but I was trying to put 2 and 2 together, but you nailed it :thumb:
  17. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "PEOPLE ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE" (October 27, 2021)

    I think it's a testament of how talented M Walker is. I really enjoy the drumming in the song. It was fairly evident during the Las Vegas shows that his current drummer was no M Walker. M Walker brought skill and some personality behind the kit. Whatever he is doing, I hope he is well.
  18. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOUR VACCINATION:" (October 27, 2021)

    I respect that. That's what makes some countries great, people can disagree. People are allowed to think freely. Unlike some moronic posers (oops, meant posters), you disagree but don't feel the need to put down the poster. At least in this case. Be safe and well, all!
  19. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOUR VACCINATION:" (October 27, 2021)

    I won't deny you're not intelligent. But why do you waste that intelligence and continually spout things on this fan-site that make you sound so idiotic? What a waste. Surely there is fibres or textiles group-site that you would be much better at contributing to. People come to this site...
  20. SeniorLife

    Morrissey Central "YOUR VACCINATION:" (October 27, 2021)

    You're right. Man, I really wish I was as smart as you. I wasn't saying I didn't think masks were completely ineffective you idiot. I wear a mask because I know that it helps prevent me from spreading it to others if I have it more than it protects me from getting it. It also decreases viral...
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