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  1. Stanley Ogden

    Stavanger, Norway - Konserthus (Aug. 8, 2016) post-show

    Great concert! Seen him many times before, but never as happy as this! Seems like he was enjoying himself. Small changes in the setlist compared to Bergen, which mage a huge impact on the show. Hightlight: What She Said!
  2. Stanley Ogden

    Isle Of Man - Douglas Royal Hall (Aug. 1, 2011) post-show

    I WISH ALL YOU HATERS WOULD GO AWAY!!!! Not long ago I could read about the concerts in the post-shows! Now I have to go through page after page to find anything remotely relevant. David Tseng! This internett-page is falling apart!!!
  3. Stanley Ogden

    Aarhus - Voxhall (July 13, 2011) post-show

    The gig was fabulous! Moz was in great form. I`ve seen him four times before, Quart/Camden/Sentrum Scene/Øya, and I rate this one at the top together with the camden gig! The venue was worm and the crowd was wild and energic! Magical experience!
  4. Stanley Ogden

    Perth (15th June)

    I love it! Can`t wait till Århus
  5. Stanley Ogden

    Perth (15th June)

    No news from the rehearsals?
  6. Stanley Ogden

    New Songs (BBC Session 6/2011)

    Give them time, Martin. They are just like tampons in you mouth, if you give them time and water, they will grow on you!
  7. Stanley Ogden

    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    I kind of liked the lalalalalalalala-parts since the point obviously is to make fun of the nonsens non-stars.
  8. Stanley Ogden

    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    But isn`t is "I`m throwing my arms around Paris" all over again?
  9. Stanley Ogden

    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    The kid`s a looker is fresh and will probably be a good treat live!
  10. Stanley Ogden

    Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session (June 10), broadcast next week (June 14/15)

    Re: Article: Morrissey recording new Janice Long BBC Radio2 session (June 10), broadc I`d rather see that we celebrate the good news that Morrissey is making new songs......... deal?
  11. Stanley Ogden

    Live set list you would want to see/hear

    London Alma Matters Tomorrow Half A Person Glamorous Glue Friday Mourning Good Looking Man About Town Come Back To Camden You know I couldn`t last Trouble Loves Me seasick, yet still docked Such A Little Thing I`ve changed my plea to guilty There is a place in hell for me and my...
  12. Stanley Ogden

    scandinavian roll call

    I agree. I have been in a similar situation before, at the Sentrum Scene gig in Oslo. One moron with a beer and Morrissey was inches of packing up and going home after 5 songs!!! (The humourus side of this incident is that Morrissey told the crowd to get rid of the guy who threw beer at...
  13. Stanley Ogden

    scandinavian roll call

    I have seem him three times in Norway and one time in London in 2008 at the second Camden gig. ( I also went to London in 2009 to see him at the cancelled gig in Royal Albert Hall!!!) None or the norwegian shows can compare with the Camden gig. It was wild, rowdy and fantastic! My hope for...
  14. Stanley Ogden

    New album?

    I found this on regarding the coming Aarhus-gig: "Morrissey har netop færdiggjort sit tiende soloalbum, og i den forbindelse får Danmark ikke mindre end to besøg af den legendariske engelske stjerne" Translated to english it says that Morrissey has just finished his 10th...
  15. Stanley Ogden


    Aarhus sold out in three hours!
  16. Stanley Ogden

    Question Operaen Kopenhagen

    Then we will be seeing eachother in Århus. I`ll probably be the only norwegian in the crowd!
  17. Stanley Ogden

    Question Operaen Kopenhagen

    You should choose Aarhus instead. Small standing venue placing only 700 people. Can`t see why anyone would choose Operaen.
  18. Stanley Ogden

    Your favorite line from a Smiths/Morrissey song

    A bit on the dirty side, but....... "The motion of taxis excites me when you peel it back and bite me"
  19. Stanley Ogden

    Advise for Moz quotes-tattos

    I forgot the most obvious af them all: "Crashing bore"
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