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  1. miryam_moz85

    Girl in a coma

    Well, does anybody have some be appreciated;) btw..have a listen on their new's awesome.. so sad they're not with moz on tour anymore..miles better than doll and the kicks..:cool::guitar:
  2. miryam_moz85

    offer my offenbach ticket down the price

    main prics is 52,50 and i would give it for 40€'s a really small venue/theatre..the stage is down low..the smallest of the concerts here in germany..have a look at's great..but i will not have the time anymore.. leave me a pm if you're interested in..;) greets miry:)
  3. miryam_moz85

    Mickey Rourke's Comeback Thread

    Welcome back Mickey.. after all this time.., at least!! unfortunately he didn't won the oscar..but nevermind.. he won the golden globe.. and is born again!! that's more than enough!! Nice to have him again.. back on screen and back on mind!! i'm looking forward to the future.. to a few more...
  4. miryam_moz85

    Jesse is pissed at the thieving bastards that leaked our record...

    on his myspace.. well, i can understand that..i would be also pissed.. nevertheless i'm guilty and had a listen..sorry jesse.. and i don't feel good at all.. but that's just the way it goes..nowadays...
  5. miryam_moz85

    Boz Boorer Solo Gig Launch for 'Miss Pearl' Album !

    i don't know if it's mentioned before..if's from his myspace!! ------------------------------------------------ Text: Boz Boorer Solo Gig, Launch for 'Miss Pearl' Boz's new solo Album out 26th September on Vibrant records. Boz Boorer solo gig at The 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street...
  6. miryam_moz85

    what's your type of tea

    i have a lot.. and while drinking a cup i wondered.. what the others would like.. i heard by a lot of poeple that they're obsessed.. well, it's always heavily addicted to my mood.. but at the moment i tea.. this one..from ireland.. very strong taste:)
  7. miryam_moz85

    Moz's most romantic lyrics/lines/words/meanings

    whatever.. i listened to still ill and i think it has of romantic Under the iron bridge we kissed And although I ended up with sore lips It just wasn't like the old days anymore No, it wasn't like those days
  8. miryam_moz85

    still ill best live version

    what is yours?.. i listened to still ill right now..and searched through my folders but i recognized that i haven't any live one.. so i prefer to ask you.. maybe you can help me to fill my wide gap:tears: greets miry
  9. miryam_moz85

    UK Vs. US Band game

    you take one..and give another--very simple:) The Stone Roses Vs. The Strokes
  10. miryam_moz85

    Any Simple Minder out there??

    who's going to the upcoming tour??:) or just like their way of music?? Antwerps Sportpaleis NOTP Antwerp, Belgium 24/10/08 Antwerps Sportpaleis NOTP Antwerp, Belgium 25/10/08 Antwerps Sportpaleis NOTP Antwerp, Belgium 30/10/08 Antwerps Sportpaleis NOTP Antwerp, Belgium 31/10/08...
  11. miryam_moz85

    Happy birthday Not Right in the Head

    Well, wish you a Nice B-day..and let it burn!!!!!!!!!!:D;)
  12. miryam_moz85

    Euro 2008!!!

    austria/switzerland here we come.. almost 14 days..and then it's called again..let the ball roll:) I'm soo happy..hope we will do it this time.. but please not against italy again:tears: just in the final:D our group B - Austria - Croatia (an inveterate foe) - Poland but really...
  13. miryam_moz85

    Sweden 2006 aug 8 FM (from Radio)

    so here is a very good concert from Sweden 2006 aug 8 FM perfect quality..enjoy!!..i LOVE it!!;) setlist: 1. dont make fun... 2. Stop me.. 3. IBEH 4. far off places 5. Pigsty 6. I'll never be anybody's hero 7. The youngest... 8. You have killed me 9. Girlfriend in a coma 10.At last...
  14. miryam_moz85

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch it's 0:23 right now..and i have a nice drink with some friends while watching the who cheers man..for a nice day and some more beautiful years alone and together..;) May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine." By Frank Sinatra...
  15. miryam_moz85

    celebrate bass player

    ok we had the drummers by skinner..i think now it's time for the famous bass player out there... I also play the bass and in addition wanted a thread to celebrate them. The guys in the back who also keep the rhythm and a bit more;) Post pics, stories, articles or whatever you like of your...
  16. miryam_moz85

    Hugh Laurie frink thread

    hm, i see that there is more pic stuff than text messages in the house i decited to keep this alive..:)
  17. miryam_moz85

    any Dr. house watchers out there?

    if there are a few i would like to talk about it..just a bit..cause i don't know a lot of people who watch this:D.. i really can't imagine's quite funny..and it always make me laugh and in a better mood:)
  18. miryam_moz85

    anybody out there who play the bass??

    i have some quetions about the tabs for the following new moz songs ..;) something is squezzing my skull mama lay softly on the riverbed all you need is me that's how people grow up
  19. miryam_moz85

    germany won 4:0 against Switzerland

    1:0 Klose (23.) 2:0 Gomez (61.) 3:0 Gomez (67.) 4:0 Podolski (89.) so we come;)
  20. miryam_moz85

    damn new german number one single..speechless!!

    this so far to the german music listener of this's number one of the german single charts:mad:..damn..please..please.. please let me get what i want..something to kill myself..where does it all go..where is the good german taste in music..:eek::sick:
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