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    Bills WR Stefon Diggs wears Smiths 38 second mark and on Related item: Saint Laurent Smiths shirt - June 19, 2019
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    NYC Hammerstein Ballroom (Sep. 17, 2020) officially postponed

    Just got the postponed email Screenshots from Johnny:
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    Signed greatest hits/ Cal son

    I'm going to queens and Camden shows... If somebody wants me to mule either of the signed records for them I'm willing to You pay shipping and a a tip for the effort is appreciated
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    Is a MIM promo rare?

    Found a US Meat is Murder promo... of any value?
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    MSG GA ticket wanted

    Looking for 1 GA if ya have it
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    Signed copy list of lost

    Anybody willing to grab a package and send it to me in ny?
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    2 good seats philly below face value

    I have 2 in orchestra right Center in row EE for under face value if somebody is looking last min... these are about 9 rows from stage dead Center
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    Philly Row DD face value

    I have 1 ticket to the philly show at face value in row DD if anybody needs one
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    Official Platinum tickets for Philly

    These are for sale on ticketmaster right now for $350 each right now What are Official Platinum Tickets? Official Platinum Tickets are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through Live Nation Concerts. They give fans fair and safe access...
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    yes I am blind t shirt

    Size M a bit to large for me.. I will each shipping $20 pay pal US only black on white shirt brand new never worn
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    one of our own

    I think it is a great song
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    fyi mass show

    they just released 2nd and 3rd row seats for worchester on the hanover site
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    2015 US merch?

    anybody want to weigh in what they have seen for sale yet
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    Hanover mass 1 ticket face value

    row E orchestra orchestra seating is sold out pm me
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    World peace bundle - the autobiography signed

    Anybody interested in my deluxe bundle minus the signed autobiography? That means the poster shirt deluxe LP lyric sheet all are unopened
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    Atlantic City GA 1 ticket

    I have 1 extra for Atlantic city at face value please email me at bandrus I can email the ticket to you
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    quick question about Asleep on this tour

    Was this the first time it had been played live? Sorry I am sure it is an amateur question
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    Boston 4th row

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    Shadow box of Shirt from Albany

    Thought I would share the project I finished last night
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    show worn shirt

    I was just wondering if any of you collectors have seen full show worn shirts up for sale before and what they have sold for Not selling just a general curiosity
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