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    Confirmed 2014 tour dates; seeking label to issue "World Peace..." - TTY

    Nice to see he's rescheduling all the concerts in the US that he finked out on this summer. :confused:
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    Johnny Marr on his forthcoming autobiography - "...won't be any kind of response to anything"

    My guess would be that Moz is enjoying his fame and fortune by traveling, reading, and all the other things I'd be doing if I had tons of dough and didn't have to work hard to live.
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    Morrissey and his links to paedophiles? - thecolemanexperience

    Can someone please explain the lyrics to "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" because I have always thought it was a song about an adult protecting a child from scary things.
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    George Michael lets us in on a secret

    Re: George Michael lets us in on a secret... I would totally love to see George Michael with The Smiths backing him.
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    Morrissey will end up in the Smithsonian yet -

    Do you really think TS, Jay Z, or Pink's fans would get anything The Smiths did? Do you think they would understand the satire, the wit, the sadness, the feelings of loneliness? No I think not. Do you want to turn on your internet one morning and see Miley Cyrus' big nasty giraffe tongue...
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    Morrissey's diet is Pizza, Chips and Booze?!

    Some people are "supertasters" and strong tastes bother us. I find nothing wrong with pizza, chips and booze, except that it is incredibly fattening. I don't know how he eats like that and doesn't have a giant gut.
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    Kristeen Young responds to Morrissey's tour cancellation TTY statement

    KY needs to go back to college and get another profession. She sucks as a singer. Maybe a music teacher at a school for deaf children.
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    Morrissey is no longer the Morrissey I once knew and loved

    Re: Morrissey is no longer the Morrissey I once knew and loved. Are you the same person you were 25 years ago? He's just a person. The Smiths were more than just him. I have been listening to Smiths stuff and some of his early solo stuff a lot lately, and I think Johnny Marr was more on an...
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    TTY: Boz Boorer statement

    Re: Boz Statement - TTY I have been wondering about that during this whole cancellation saga. Plus everyone who is judging all the people in the bands... do they know them personally? Probably not.
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    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    Botox is your friend when you are in your 40's.
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    Statement by Jesse Tobias about Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti Facebook comments -

    Re: After browsing through these comments, I am just shocked that adults can act like 13 year olds, and believe the gossip they hear on the internet, and judge people by what they read or someone else says.
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    Why are the Morrissey-friendly UK radio stations not playing his new songs?

    Do people still listen to the radio besides satellite radio?
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    "Istanbul" chart update -

    The Smiths and Morrissey as a solo artist have never been good on the charts. That's part of why I like them. If Morrissey was a top 10 artist along with whoever crappy singer is popular now, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, whoever, I would not listen to him. I remember the first time I heard The...
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    Why is Morrissey so gay acting?

    Why should it matter how he acts? If he was a family member and treated you like crap, it would matter how he acts. But since he's not personally accountable to us fans, who are strangers, it doesn't matter.
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    What does he do on his days off?

    Maybe he's reading his copy of AARP, taking his Geritol, and playing checkers with old guys in the park.
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    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    Maybe she went hiking through a forest of poison ivy and ragweed.
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    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    Seems like every time he cancels a tour it's respiratory. Who cares who gave it to him? He sings, stresses his respiratory tract, and is 55 years old. I had tickets to Chicago and saw him in Austin this year, just because I am afraid he is going to die before he goes on tour again. I guess...
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    Morrissey statement on tour cancellation -

    I would have preferred to see the concert without Kristeen Young. She was not a good opening act.
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