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  1. general disarray

    The Smile at Worthy Farm

    Thom Yorke. Jonney Greenwood and Tom Skinner, new band with Nigel Goodrich. Tom Skinner is from Hello Skinny and playing drums at 11.00"pm BST, but it's £20 to watch stream, I'll wait for a YT upload
  2. general disarray

    The Smiths on Arte tv

    The Smiths Rock Legends is showing on Arte TV, there's also other good mini docs
  3. general disarray

    Amon Tobin

  4. general disarray

    Depeche Mode stream

    Live Nation are streaming Depeche Mode 'Spirits' on June 25th 2020. It is going to be on Live Nations You Tube channel. Details are on Depeche Modes Twitter.
  5. general disarray

    What about the Guardian

    The Guardian newspaper founded on slaves, shut the rag down now!. I thought this would of had more mentions, hopefully Morrissey will say something on the matter. There is a petition from what's he's name Tony Parsons to close the rag down, hopefully it will...
  6. general disarray

    Alistair Stewart

    The rabid left have cancelled Alistair Stewart of all people, how Morrissey is still here after all the crap thrown at him I don't know. Viva Moz.
  7. general disarray

    Julian Cope

    Julian Cope tour in the New year.
  8. general disarray

    Only child tyrant Time To Run

    Only Child Tyrant, Time To Run Something new and fresh, on yt and streaming ONLY CHILD TYRANT is the punked up kid brother of Two Fingers. He’s stroppy He’s relentless. He likes the number 6. He’s been listening to his uncle’s collection of rock (from...
  9. general disarray

    Boards of Canada

    Boards of Canada exclusive at 20:59 on NTS Radio tonight for Warp Records 30th anniversary
  10. general disarray

    The Cure

    The Cure to live stream their Disintegration anniversary concert
  11. general disarray

    Blitz Vega (Andy Rourke's new band)

    Andy Rourke's new band Blitz Vega.
  12. general disarray


    Watch if just for John Sweden you to see what he thinks of us plebs.
  13. general disarray

    Die Spiegel

    OK I cannot paste the article in if someone could I would be grateful it's about Die Spiegel journalist fabricaring stories on the BBC news website.Thought maybe some would be interested thanks.
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