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    Does Morrissey support capital punishment?

    I wondered.....does Morrissey support the death penalty in certain situations?
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    Request for song "Kit"

    I'm trying to get a more listenable copy of "Kit", the version I have sounds very rough/patchy. I'd really appreciate your help.
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    Will you still listen to Marilyn Manson despite the allegations?

    I just wondered on peoples takes on separating artists from the art, or even if you think he may be innocent?
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    Morrissey and punk rock

    Can someone please list me the punk rock bands Morrissey listens to?
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    Do you think we will get a vaccine for Covid 19?

    How long do you think it will take?
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    What do you think of Morrissey's new "Dude" t-shirt?

    Check it out on his Merchandise store. Link posted by Nerak: Update January 30: Now the subject of a Central post: Morrissey Central: "T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH (YEAR?)" - January 30, 2020 Related items: Morrissey...
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    Mp3 request

    sorry to be a pain but I'm trying to get: Kid's a looker action is my middle name People are the same everywhere
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    i need "revelation" please

    does anyone have this on mp3?
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    Does your taste in music get mocked alot?

    My favourite artists are morrissey, the smiths, joy division, rage against the machine, tool, manic street preachers, Depeche mode, radiohead, editors, bjork But i get constantly told that that my bands are "emo" and i have no taste whatsoever. How do I get people to shut up.
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    Why do some people think Morrissey cant sing

    Do you think his voice is flawed somehow
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    Moz intro video to live show

    At manchester apollo there was a video playing of various artists, presumably morrisseys influences before he came on stage. Can someone tell me who the band were called where the band were stood still but were rotating in a circle. One of them were female.
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    Moz meet up groups

    Is there anyway to meet morrissey fans and socialise around manchester? I'm sure they would be interesting people.
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    moz birthday tickets

    I still need a ticket to his birthday gig, will their be touts outside selling standing tickets or am I best off using e-bay.
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    Daniel Kitson seeder required

    A while ago I started downloading a torrent containing various Daniel Kitson sound files. Theres only one of this type, so if you have it you'll know what I mean. I got upto 98.8% and it stopped downloading :( Seeders please, he's my fav comedian.
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    Hope he doesnt cancel either of the manchester gigs

    Anyone else a little worried.
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    B-side question

    Has every morrissey/the smiths b-side been release on album complications or do I need to buy some of the actual singles.
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