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  1. SwanseaSimon

    Johnny Marr's tattoos?

    I've noticed Johnny has a tattoo on the inside of his forearm on both arms. Any ideas what they are? "Morrissey"? :blushing:
  2. SwanseaSimon

    Accurate solo tab Let Me Kiss You

    Has anyone come across an accurate solo tab for this, the ones I've seen aren't that good. I know it's based around an A minor??
  3. SwanseaSimon

    3 Original cassettes for sale/trade

    Hatful of Hollow 1984, Viva Hate 1988, and The Smiths...Best 2. All perfect condition. PM me with offers - thanks
  4. SwanseaSimon

    Wanted: signed photo

    If anyone has a hand signed photo of the man, could you please PM me - I'd love something to put in a frame! (Not so sure the Mrs would agre.....)! Thanks people
  5. SwanseaSimon

    Uncut magazine March 2007, The Smiths

    Mint condition less CD, Smiths on cover, article covers their '30 Greatest songs', with comments from Marr, Joyce, Russell Barnd, Carl Barat, Mani, Noel Gallagher, Nicky Wire, Suggs, ian Brown, etc - intro from Marr. Pictures also, and magazine includes Sex Pistols, The Stooges and more. PM with...
  6. SwanseaSimon

    x2 Tickets for the 30th - PLEASE!!!!!!

    Wanted, 1 or 2 for any London date Please PM me if you have a spare/s - thanks!
  7. SwanseaSimon

    Most difficult song to master?

    I apologise to encroaching into 'Marr' territory on a Morrissey forum, but for you guitarists out there, what has been the most difficult song to master? For me, Girl Afraid, took ages - still not quite there yet, but thanks to Lord Daniel Earwicker, not far off!!
  8. SwanseaSimon

    Smiths guitar tab books for sale

    I've got The Complete Smiths Chord book for sale as well as Play Guitar with the Smiths including CD, both in mint condition if anyone wants to PM me an offer. I'd rather list them here for fans before eBay.
  9. SwanseaSimon

    I Want the One I Can't Have

    Has anyone come across an accurate tab for this please? I'm yet to find a good one and would love to nail this.
  10. SwanseaSimon


    Effects pedals? What pedals has anyone invested in to play Smiths guitar, apart from the obvious chorus? I was thinking maybe a phaser (Just Haven't Earnt it Yet Bbay), and delay maybe.
  11. SwanseaSimon

    Moz signed stuff wanted

    If anyone has any signed stuff they'd like to sell, please PM me - I'm desperate to get something framed & up on the wall! Thanks :-)
  12. SwanseaSimon

    Quarry t-shirt for sale

    Hi - I have a brown, large, Quarry t-shirt for sale, bought at Earls Court. It's as new, has Moz on the front in a kind of red and blue design with 'wings', and 'QUARRY' on the back in red, just below the neckline. I'm sure you know the one! Anyone interested, please PM, or better, email -...
  13. SwanseaSimon

    CD's & DVDs for trade

    Hi - I now have a large collection of Smiths & Moz CD's to trade, as well as some great Moz DVD's (Glastonbury, Dublin 2004, Meltdown, various 2004 TV clips). Anyone interested in trading please email - [email protected] & I can send you a fuill list, Thanks, Simon
  14. SwanseaSimon

    For trade - signed vinyl

    I have a signed copy of the single, Hand in Glove - Sandie Shaw version strangely enough. Was signed at Meltdown as a friend knows Jeff Turner of The Cockney Rejects. Signed 'MORRISSEY' across the front. Please note I have no certificate of authenticity, but if you don't think it's genuine...
  15. SwanseaSimon


    If anyone has any of these and wants to trade, please contact me ([email protected]) and I'll forward my list: Wilde About Morrissey The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Headmasters A Nice Bit of Meat 2 There's a Place in LA for me and My Friends Humdrum Town Claremont 1997 Morrissey in...
  16. SwanseaSimon

    Moz In The Times & Q Magazine

    Hi, I've a copy of The Times newspaper from 30th May 2006, that has a fanastic interview with Morrissey over 3 pages; there is a full portrait of Moz on the cover of the Times 2 supplement. It really is a great article by Andrew Billen, with some great pics of Morrissey. I also have Q Magazine...
  17. SwanseaSimon

    Morrissey Q Special Magazine

    Hi, if anyone wants the NME Morrissey/Manchester A4 glossy magazine from a month or so ago, please get in touch; email is best ([email protected]). Don't want much for it, maybe trade a CD, DVD or whatever - get in touch and we'll work something - perfect condition.
  18. SwanseaSimon

    New List to Trade

    HI, I've has a lot of new stuff added to my list (Moz & Smiths), so if anyone's interested in trades please email me with your list & I'll do the same, Thanks! Simon [email protected]
  19. SwanseaSimon

    Signed Photos/albums Etc

    Have any of you lovely people got a signed picture or CD, etc that you'd consider trading LOTS of live/rare Smiths & Moz CD's for? I'd do my best to make it worth your while :) , Thanks!
  20. SwanseaSimon

    Tiger Army

    Hi, I also have some Tiger Army CD's if anyone liked them - get in touch by PM and I'll let you know what I have, Simon PS But the best psychobilly band are The Meteors - give them a listen, the Kings of Psychobilly! Boz, Gaz, Alain all have been to many Meteors gigs and Gaz states his main...
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