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  1. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Jim Jim Falls

    Who do we think Jim Jim Falls is about? I initially thought this was about what Rob Gretton once supposedly said to Morrissey about him not having the guts to kill himself but then I stumbled upon the first track on an old Fall LP – Jim’s The Fall. Now I know Jim Jim Falls is an actual place...
  2. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    B-Sides - Morrissey vs The Smiths

    The Smiths were well known for hiding a few gems on b-sides or as the extra track on the 12" single, which is something Morrissey continues to do also, but which would you prefer - solo or Smith? I have tried to pick only the b-sides that never ended up as album tracks, so no Cemetry Gates or...
  3. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    WPINOYB Chart Position

    I don't know anything about itunes, but if Amazon is anything to go by it looks pretty bleak for a decent chart position, the MP3 of WPINOYB is currently 58 after reaching the dizzy heights of 10 when it was first released. Without a physical release, this looks to be his worst chart placing of...
  4. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    How Soon Is Now for top ten - amazon DL chart

    Are we all gonna help to make a top ten entry with How Soon Is Now? It is currently 116th on MP3 chart and 16th on the indie chart! So come on - it's only 69p!
  5. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Noel Gallagher performing 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'

    Does anyone have this as a download perhaps? It was free with a Sunday newspaper recently.
  6. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Top Ten Morrissey Songs From Each Decade

    1980's 1. Everyday Is Like Sunday 2. Suedehead 3. Last Of The Famous International Playboys 4. Late Night Maudlin Street 5. Interesting Drug 6. Break Up The Family 7. The Ordinary Boys 8. Ouija Board, Ouija Board 9. Dial A Cliche 10. Hairdresser On Fire 1990's 1. Now...
  7. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Who will win the Premiership this season?

    After 12 games now, who do you think will win the Premiership?
  8. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Did anyone watch the Royle Family tonight?

    It was incredibly sad but very funny at times. It must've been the first time I felt a bit dewy eyed watching something since ET in 1982!
  9. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Fave Robert De Niro films

    Ok, so we did the Woody Allen films, now what are your favourite De Niro films. 1. Taxi Driver 2. Raging Bull 3. Goodfellas 4. Godfather Part II 5. Deer Hunter 6. Casino 7. Mean Streets 8. Once Upon A Time In America 9. Heat 10. Midnight Run
  10. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Fave Woody Allen films

    Whats peoples favourite Woody Allen films, providing youre a fan of course... 1. Manhatten 2. Annie Hall 3. Play It Again Sam 4. Sleeper 5. Deconstructing Harry
  11. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a twat

    ....and I am a Utd fan at that! Same old England, its never enough
  12. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Songs Of The Tour

    Which songs do you think have been the highlights of the '06 tour?
  13. Life_Is_A_Pigsty

    Who would you want to cover a Morrissey song?

    There have been hundreds of cover versions of Morrissey/Smiths songs, but who would you like to cover one who hasnt already?
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