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  1. spazaru

    Johnny Marr interview: "Isaac Brock is the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with" (October 13, 2021)

    I've tried to like Marr's solo stuff (and couldn't) and up until now I've always said, "well at least he seems like a cool guy". He probably still is but this statement is just ignorant. If he's doing it to promote his record, I don't think it will have the desired effect.
  2. spazaru

    Morrissey Replacing Nine Inch Nails at Riot Fest in Chicago (September 16, 2021)

    Possibly the biggest upgrade in the history of music.
  3. spazaru

    Fiona Dodwell: "Your Arsenal: Revisiting Morrissey’s Iconic Album" (July 27, 2021)

    I love her. After all the anti-Morrissey crap I see everywhere, she's a breath of fresh air.
  4. spazaru

    Morrissey Live Aid 2022

    If he did it, he'd be the best one on the bill, I'm quite sure, but he probably wouldn't and that's fine. He doesn't need that dog and pony show.
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