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  1. Simplysmiths

    You Are The Quarry brand new LP

    reluctant sale. anyone interested?......would rather sell to another fan. brand new never played and the vinyl has only even been out of its sleeve twice. Paypal is fine but UK only shipping. Will only send via tracked means. Ill try and get some pics up ebay item: 124516301966
  2. Simplysmiths

    Dog on a Chain live versions?

    Wouldnt mind getting a live version of this album. I know a couple of tracks have been uploaded........anybody else got any links to live versions?
  3. Simplysmiths

    What if Morrissey and Marr re-imagined some songs?

    sitting here with pretty much nothing to do and got to thinking ( sounds like a song lyric ) I would love Morrissey and Marr to revisit some old classics and re-record them. I mean they dont even have to be in the same studio...... I would love to hear an extended version of please , please ...
  4. Simplysmiths

    What's your claim to fame? Mine is moz/smiths related

    I was at Wolverhampton now infamous free concert in 1988 , kipped out for 23 hours on a pavement , but it was worth it. Me , my brother and my mates got in the concert but this is my claim to fame.... Tim broad who at the time was making mozzers music videos approached me , me out of 3000...
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