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  1. Shane D

    The Times review by Will Hodgkinson - IANADOAC (3 of 5 stars)

    Behind a pay wall - but states: "his best in years, but nasty with it"
  2. Shane D

    Joe Chiccarelli tweets - clues on new Morrissey recordings?

    As spotted by user @Intl_Playboy Morrissey "All The Young People" Mixing for radio. 50 years ago.
  3. Shane D

    "Kiss Me A Lot" artwork -

    'Kiss Me A Lot' artwork - 25 March 2015 Please support Morrissey by downloading his new single 'Kiss Me A Lot', available on iTunes on the evening of March 26th onwards. Artwork for the download has been enhanced by Rob English at Atom Factory using a previously unseen...
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