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  1. beau

    Some old price lists I found recently

    A trip to my parents meant finding a bunch of paper goods that are over 20 years old. Here are some price lists. Prepare for some reverse sticker shock. GBP GBP AUD AUD
  2. beau

    Do ya think this is M's handwriting?

    I can't remember when I got it, who I got it from, or for how much. But I always thought it looked like M's handwriting.
  3. beau

    For Sale: San Diego GA ticket

    I have an extra GA ticket for San Diego. $56.
  4. beau

    Jimmy Kimmel cancelled.

  5. beau

    Auto'd Greatest Hits lp for sale at Amoeba

    Looks like someobody sold back the auto'd lp they won.
  6. beau

    Ouija Board gatefold rumour

    A long long time ago, I was told by one of the editors of the Morri'Zine who I traded with a few times that there was a Ouija Board UK 12" gatefold, with the serial number "12GPOP1622". Gatefold image was, of course, a ouija board. He swore up and down it existed. Well, it doesn't, but I...
  7. beau

    Sweet And Tender Hooligan US promo CD-R

    A friend picked this up for me recently in Los Angeles. I thought it strange I had never seen or heard of it before. "Boy Racer" is the first Moz promo on CD-R that I'm aware of, which was released the same year as this. Interestingly, the engineer mentioned on the front insert lists...
  8. beau

    Beatles Mono Box

    If you see an extra Beatles Mono Box can you pick it up for me? Will pay $300.
  9. beau

    Shirt worn onstage by Th'Lads.

    Same shirt, I believe.
  10. beau

    Best price for new single to US?

    Anybody know who has the best price for the 3 new singles, delivered Stateside? And the lp?
  11. beau

    Morrissey What Difference 12" at Amoeba in SF.

    Amoeba in San Francisco has an exceptionally clean-looking What Difference 12" with the Moz sleeve for $25 on the wall behind the registers. I remember this 12" being unusually difficult for me to track down.
  12. beau

    Open letter for moderators.

    It's my understanding that the "Marketplace" is for the buying/selling/trading of Smiths/Morrissey/related items. Much like the classified section of a newspaper. A Morrissey Penny Saver, so to speak. On the main forum page it is described as a forum for "Items for sale / trade" which is...
  13. beau

    Rare Tracks, Glamorous Glue, others for trade.

    I have a few things for trade: Interesting Drug Special Etched Disc Interesting Drug Special Etched Disc 1-track mispress I Just Want To See picture disc 12" Shoplifters 7" w/promo postcard Beethoven Was Deaf Japanese cd sealed Glamorous Glue US promo cd Rare Tracks Japanese cd sealed...
  14. beau

    Balcony ticket Friday night, face value

    . too late.
  15. beau

    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 12" pic disc at Amoeba San Francisco

    The Amoeba record store in San Francisco had 3 copies in the bin today. I'd suspect the ones in Berkeley and LA might have some, too. $18.98 retail.
  16. beau

    You Are Sleeping, You Do Not Want To Believe

    Here is a link to an MP3 where Morrissey got the sample of the woman on "Rubber Ring". The MP3 is about 10 minutes long. The sampled part comes in at 6:23. It's of a flexi-disc that accompanied the book "Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication with the Dead"...
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