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    Glamorous Glue on SNL

    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a YouTube video with Glamorous Glue on SNL, only one that has the audio. I’ve been getting stuff off old VHS tapes and just posted this. Hopefully it’s new (but old) and exciting.
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    Low in High School slipcase CD

    Ok, so this CD version that people on eBay are selling with the slipcase with the other artwork, is this something that we can buy elsewhere for a normal price? Or will be able to buy soon? Am I correct in assuming this is going to be an easy to find (not rare) item? I assume the CD from the US...
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    Barbarism 7" question

    Hi, I have two copies of the German Barbarism 7". It appears that the horizontal line near the bottom of the front cover is different on the two copies. One has the line all one color (with a tiny bit of the other color peeking out on the very right side). And the other seems to be more of a two...
  4. J

    November 9 Irvine Opener?

    Hi, I saw in the tour info section that opening acts were listed for one or two shows. Does that mean the rest of them have no opener? So for this Irvine show, when the ticket says showtime at 8:00, Morrissey is going on at 8:00? Or is there an opener that I'm not seeing anywhere and Morrissey...
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    The Boy With The Thorn Brazil 12"

    Is it just me or is every copy of The Boy With the Thorn in His Side 12" from Brazil in really awful condition? It seems like all of them I've ever seen for sale online look so beat up. I have never had it in my collection so finally bought one on discogs that said VG+ condition (didn't bother...
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    White Town

    Hi everyone. I'm sure some of you remember White Town from his hit in the 90's, "Your Woman". Jyoti from White Town has actually been making great records since 1990 and continues to do so. I have a new record label called Golly Jane Records and our first release is the new 7" from White Town...
  7. J

    Fuzz Pop Cassette Comp

    If you like fuzzy, melodic indie pop/indie rock, this cassette compilation has just been released. Yes, my band is on it but it really does have a ton of good bands on it including my favorite band in the world, Heathers. It's limited to 100 copies. Interested in hearing what people think if you...
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    Smiths Solid Center 7" Discussion

    The subject of Smiths 7" singles with solid centers was touched on and asked about in one or two threads recently but the discussion didn't get too far. I know that Passions lists these variations for the most part and I can look there to see which singles have both versions available or which...
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    Swords Promo CD & Quarry Cassette Legit?

    I know on Passions that it says the French Swords promo CD is assumed to be legit but it doesn't seem to be a sure thing. Has this been established 100% one way or the other? Also, I know one person (Aly, I think) has a Russian You Are the Quarry cassette. Do we know for sure that this is a...
  10. J

    8 Morrissey Cassette Singles For Sale

    Hi, I've got 8 solo cassette singles for sale. They are Suedehead, Everyday is Like Sunday, Last of the Famous International Playboys, Interesting Drug, Picadilly Palare, My Love Life, You're the One For Me Fatty, and Certain People I Know. They are all UK pressings. They are duplicates that...
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    How Many Possible Pressings to Own?

    I've wondered in the past how many records/CD's/cassettes/DAT's you'd have if you had every possible different pressing of Smiths/Morrissey items. No bootlegs, but all official releases from different countries, promos, test pressings, in-house cassettes, any variation that makes that pressing...
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    The Queen is Dead German LP (Black Vinyl)

    Hi, I just picked up a German copy of The Queen is Dead but I got the black vinyl, not the green. According to Passions, this is much, much rarer than the green vinyl. However, is it really worth more? To a collector who knows that it's harder to find, would it be in very high demand? Or does...
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    Looking for You Are the Quarry Russian Cassette

    Hi, does anyone know a good way to get ahold of this cassette? A trustworthy online store or a contact that would be able to get it? I remember someone mentioning a Russian contact a while ago. Thanks.
  14. J

    Interesting Drug Etched 12"

    Hi, for the Interesting Drug etched 12" (not the promo, just the regular release), I know that some play both songs but some only play Interesting Drug on the a-side, even though the label lists both songs. Does anyone know if one is more common than the other? I believe the two-song version is...
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    The Smiths Rhino Sampler CD 2012 Question

    Hi, I have a question about the Rhino sampler CD from 2012 with the Smiths standing in front of Salford Lads Club. It's PRCD 400219. I thought I remembered seeing many ebay auctions for this one where the seller said the tracklist listed on the CD and artwork was completely different than what...
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    Heaven Knows 12" Question

    So, I was reading at Passions Just Like Mine about the 12" version with the longer version of the song. My 12" sleeve does say recorded at Matrix and engineered by Bob Potter. So I got excited that it had the longer version. But the actual record is RT156 A2 so it just plays the normal version...
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    Vauxhall and I LP For Trade

    Hi, I've got an extra copy of the Vauxhall and I LP. I figured I'd see if anyone wants to trade for an item or group of items of similar value. This copy is in really nice condition. I'm not an expert at grading records but I'd say that both the sleeve and record are in excellent condition. I'm...
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    Legitimate Item?

    Can someone more knowledgeable answer whether this is a legit item? What is it? Thanks.
  19. J

    Question on Value of Two Items

    Hi, I know some of you guys can help me out here. 1. What's the typical value that a Some Girls are Bigger than Others black vinyl 12" would be going for these days (not the orange vinyl). 2. Is there much difference in value for all the Hand in Glove 7" variations (not including the...
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    WXDU Playing two hours of Smiths/Morrissey

    Just saw online that WXDU, the Duke University station is playing two hours of Morrissey/Smiths. Just started at 8 EST, 5 Pacific. You can go to and stream it.
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