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    Presale code for Dallas show 4/15?

    I'm pretty sure this is just marketing gimmicks by AEG Live, but does anyone else's tickets say ALL ACCESS on the lower left? hah.
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    Dallas pre-show meetup?

    I don't know of anything. Watch in the lobby areas though, there might be people passing out flyers for after parties Saturday night at a local bar. Sometimes they'll do something Smiths/Moz themed. There's a bar called Strangeways not far from downtown, they do a lot of beer and I'm pretty sure...
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    Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - email

    Good luck to you die hards the flew in to see him! I flew out to see him at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley in '02. Wishing you all the best of luck, hoping he makes it to Dallas tomorrow night. Morrissey! Morrissey! Morrissey!
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    San Antonio, TX show cancelled according to venue

    Go figure. Just ridiculous.
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    What are the Odds Houston?

    Gotta get through SA and Houston... hopefully he makes it to Dallas!
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    Presale code for Dallas show 4/15?

    I have Center section, Row B, seats 1-2, $265.37. My original seats for 11/16/16 at SMU were Section C (middle), Row G, seats 9-10, $220.13. The rescheduled SMU show for 12/14/16, I had Section A (stage right), Row M, seats 3-4, $215.36.
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    Presale code for Dallas show 4/15?

    Presale passcode is HAIRDRESSER. Have fun and good luck!
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    TTY: Morrissey schedule (CA, AZ, TX dates; photomontage of Huey Newton by SER)

    I haven't seen a presale code yet at all... looking for a Dallas one. Thanks!
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    Morrissey solo tour Dallas presale code?

    wooo! Section C, Row G.
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    Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall (May 20, 2014) post-show

    How long was Kirsteen Young's set? Just trying to figure out what time to show up for the Dallas show. lol. :)
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    Morrissey's Dallas Gig - whos going?!

    Oh, I'm going. I think I've been before. ;)
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