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  1. Vegan

    "Darling I Hug A Pillow" is one of his best songs ever

    Everything about this track is great. The vocal, the horns, the harmonies, the arrangement. Reminds me of Joan Armatrading at times. Definitely Top 5 Morrissey songs.
  2. Vegan

    Poll IANADOAC is his best album since...?

    I friggin' love this album. Forget politics and play along.
  3. Vegan

    On my chart IANADOAC is a smash hit - debuted at #1

    But the album is a commercial flop in the UK and USA at the very least. If life was fair it would already be platinum and have three Top Ten hits.
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  5. Vegan

    What "right wing" beliefs of his are the "problem"?

    I'll admit I haven't paid much attention to all this controversy but I'm curious what beliefs/statements has Moz made that are so abhorrent? Be specific please. I'm definitely no right winger (especially the morally bankrupt right wing here in the U.S.A.) but simply having right wing beliefs...
  6. Vegan

    All this talk about "the" covers album?

    Did i miss something? Is there at least strong rumours of a new album of cover tunes? Couldn't "Back On The Chain Gang" just be a live version and stop gap single?
  7. Vegan

    These forums: more pro-Moz or more anti-Moz?

    There's some definite real Moz fans here but does anyone else get the impression this website is dominated by those who have a negative opinion of him? Or are the anti-Moz folk just more zealous? If so.....why? Why waste precious time bashing someone you've likely never met or no longer enjoy...
  8. Vegan

    PETA's 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption

    James Cromwell Stars in PETA's 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption
  9. Vegan

    So...What Now? What Will He Do Next?

    I'm getting the sinking feeling that he's going to abandon the "LIHS" era and mope for awhile. It's really too soon but the failure of "Jacky" and his thorough lashing by the press makes me concerned for his mindset. Now before you chirp out "he only has his self to blame" I will preempt that by...
  10. Vegan

    POLL: The finals "Bona Drag" vs. "Vauxhall and I"

    The "Ultimate Morrissey Product" poll is expired. Here are your top two. Pick one.
  11. Vegan

    "Oh Brummie, have I told you lately..."

    That I love "Low In High School"?? :brows::guitar::horny::lbf::rock:;)
  12. Vegan

    POLL: The Ultimate Morrissey product?

    Select three from a list that includes all the studio albums (Bona Drag included), live albums and DVDs. What is the ultimate Morrissey product? The one that aliens should listen to before they destroy humanity (or maybe that will cause them to destroy us. I dunno) Your Top 3 please....
  13. Vegan

    POLL: Which of these are worse?

    Choose one. Update: Third option added due to threat of violence (no, not really)
  14. Vegan

    "Low In High School" enters the US Billboard 200 chart at #20; cracks U.S. Top 10 Albums Chart at #9

    UPDATE Nov. 28: Low In High School enters the US Billboard 200 album chart (week of Dec. 9, 2017) at #20. Low In High School sold 17,028 copies in the United States the week ending 11/23. That is good for a #9 placing on Billboard's Top Albums Chart. However, Billboard's main Top 200 chart...
  15. Vegan

    Am I the only one?

    That sings "Someone is squeezing my balls"?!?
  16. Vegan

    12 reasons why you should not eat turkey every again

    12 reasons why you should not eat turkey every again
  17. Vegan

    So...who's excited about Friday?

    This has been first experience waiting for a new Morrissey album release since becoming a fan. I sure learned a lot from the postings here.
  18. Vegan

    So...what is the actual second single?

    I miss the old days. Every three months a new single available for purchase and serviced to radio. Anyway does anyone know if IWYL or Jacky have been serviced to radio as the official second single? I'm assuming since Jacky has a physical release coming that is the second single.
  19. Vegan

    Any good recordings of the "25 Live" show?

    I ripped the audio from the DVD but it just doesn't sound as good as the DVD- more like a good audience recording. Are there any great sounding soundboards of that gig? I love it and wish it was released as a live album as well.
  20. Vegan

    Advice needed - should I upgrade to the 2011 Smiths remasters?

    Is there enough of a sonic improvement to ditch my Sire editions for the Johnny Marr remasters?
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