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  1. scabbycoco

    Standing ticket to sell for Paris / Salle Pleyel on 11/03

    Hi! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have an extra standing ticket to sell for the Paris show on 11/03, which I am selling at face-value. Please contact me at [email protected] I'll be at the show too! Cheers!
  2. scabbycoco

    The Smiths - Rare Tracks double lp bootleg question

    Hi! I'm expecting this gem in the mail very soon, and I'm wondering what exactly is on the second record, it is listed as follow on discogs: BBC Sessions Kid Jensen - 26th June 1983 A1 These Things Take Time A2 Youve Got...
  3. scabbycoco

    Help needed for autograph

    I purchased this Japanese pressing of the Sing Your Life cd last week at Disk Union in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, and surprisingly it has an autograph on it. It looks legit, but I'm no expert at all, and I should mention I paid only 1000 YENS for the cd, so quite cheap... of course I did not...
  4. scabbycoco

    New Bootleg with demos?

    Anybody heard of of those?
  5. scabbycoco

    Cover list?

    I imagine this is already somewhere on the forum, but is there anyone who could post a complete list of all the songs Morrissey and The Smiths covered? Many thanks!
  6. scabbycoco

    Wanted: used ticket from Wembley 2006

    Hi there! I'm looking for a used ticket of Morrissey gig on Friday the 8th of 2006 - I forgot to take one while leaving the hall, and I'd like to make sure my collection is complete! Please make offer there: [email protected] Many thanks!!!! Arnaud
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