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  1. manicboy

    Riot Fest vendor mocks Morrissey with meat-filled sandwich

    Riot Fest Vendor Mocks Morrissey With Meat-Filled Sandwich - DNAInfo Chicago By Mina Bloom | October 14, 2016 6:05pm Excerpt: LOGAN SQUARE — Riot Fest vendor and local business Puffs of Doom is speaking out against what they described as "ridiculous" treatment by musician Morrissey and his...
  2. manicboy

    Stop me if you think you haven't heard this one before. The Bowie snub in Manc

    Surprised that there hasn't been much discussion over this but I feel it deserves its own thread. It is beyond the pale and an act of sheer contempt for Bowie that Moz failed to acknowledge him in his list of the lost for the year. Even in death, Moz's hatred for Bowie lingers. Moz is one sad...
  3. manicboy

    Morrissey rising or the way things used to be

    It didn't used to be like this - bad photo montages by an incorrigible nephew, diatribes against the monarchy at every turn, media silence, no record deal. Back in 2009, Moz had released YoR and a new age was ushered in. With this new age, there was a cataclysmic shift in Moz and it was...
  4. manicboy

    Silence of the Mozzer - Moz strangely silent around release of new album

    There's not been one peep from Moz since he cancelled his tour and went into exile regarding his new album. I've lived thru many a Moz album release and can not remember Moz being so quiet. No interviews anywhere to be found. For somebody who both loves and loathes the printed interview, I...
  5. manicboy

    Spotted Jesse at the Cat & Fiddle today

    On holiday in LA and went to the Cat & Fiddle for 'UnHappy Hour'. Was firmly tucked into the Welsh Rarebit when Jesse showed up and sat down a few feet away. He sat with a friend and ordered wine and chips (surely the requisite Moz posse order). Anyway, overheard plenty of 'He' references and...
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