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  1. Mr. Springheeled

    smiths tattoos

    at one point in time there were several sheets of smiths related tattoo flash floating around the internet, that have apparently since disappeared, does anybody recall this, the name of the artist, or have the images in possession?? Thanks very much :thumb:
  2. Mr. Springheeled

    That's How People Grow Up

    Is anybody aware of where I may track down the 7" B-sides to THPGU or the live 'official downloads'?? They don't appear to exist on iTunes. Thanks in advance...
  3. Mr. Springheeled


    Periodically I run out of money and post the link to my website on various message boards. Tonight is no exception. Morrissey and Smiths merchandise available here: ...and I'm always happy to take requests, luv ya, thanks! :thumb:
  4. Mr. Springheeled

    Requesting old boots

    Is anyone in possession of the bootlegs for The House Of Blues, South Carolina Show on July 21, 2007? Or for March 6, 2009 at the same venue??? Ta -JS
  5. Mr. Springheeled

    Morrissey 7" singles query

    between the UK versions of: You have killed me First of the gang Irish blood Let me kiss you -are any one of these considered to be more difficult to come across/less pressed than the others? thanks -J
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  8. Mr. Springheeled

    Bombs Away

  9. Mr. Springheeled

    Karma Police

    PRINTS SHIRTS ~Sorry if these are getting to be a bother to anyone
  10. Mr. Springheeled

    Vauxhall merch (updated)

    I've replaced my last Vauxhall posters/shirts as they were an atrocity. This one is slightly less crap: More stuff HERE for anyone tackling their Xmas lists and I'd be happy to take requests yours -J
  11. Mr. Springheeled

    the smiths
  12. Mr. Springheeled

    For any KY fans -the chick, not the jelly
  13. Mr. Springheeled

    Custom Vauxhall and I merch now available

    As prints and shirts. Shameless and amateurish, I realize. Just indulge me. yours -J
  14. Mr. Springheeled

    Ringleader Shirt For Sale

    It's only a modest design, I realize, but hopefully some of you will enjoy it. Also, the site in particular sets a fixed price on everything, so, with my apologies this is the very lowest I was allowed to let it sell for. Hope you like, more to come in the future... Yours -J...
  15. Mr. Springheeled

    Anonymous Request

    Would anybody be in possession of a (preferably large) image of the tommy gun icon that occasionally appears on Morrissey/Attack Records merchandise? I'm desperately hunting one down for a piece that I'm working on and can only seem to come across little blurry thumbnails or pictures of t-shirts...
  16. Mr. Springheeled

    has anyone else noticed...

    ...on the final page of the YOR booklet there's a closer view of Moz's wristwatch, the time reading 10 past 12, the tenth song on the album (of twelve) being "You were good in your time". Pretty deep. I hope this doesn't all revert back to my conspiracy theory of Moz retiring after this album...
  17. Mr. Springheeled

    REQ: Tiger

    I hate to be "that guy" Actually, screw it, but I was wondering if anyone had a link to an album by the band "Tiger", I just came across them on Stephen Street's site and was quite taken by the "Girl from the petrol station" song
  18. Mr. Springheeled

    REQ: Interlude (Instrumental)

    maybe? help a brother out?
  19. Mr. Springheeled

    Norm MacDonald

    Did anyone else happen to catch the comedy central roast of Bob Saget and find that Norm MacDonald is looking a bit like Morrissey these days? I did... and I did. True Story.
  20. Mr. Springheeled

    post YOUR artwork for Years Of Refusal

    (as per request) Here's my submission for now. Good luck trying to best it.
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