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  1. in_a_loveless_world

    San Antonio show... Who's going?

    I'm super excited to see Morrissey in SA! Who will be there? :)
  2. in_a_loveless_world

    Morrissey on Jools Holland (Ovation)

    Morrissey will be on the Jools Holland marathon today on the Ovation channel on US tv. The show will repeat today at 5pm and 10 pm central time. Dont miss it! :)
  3. in_a_loveless_world

    Where did Morrissey live...

    Something I have always wondered about and am still unsure of, where did Morrissey live during the time of The Smiths? Or is this unknown?
  4. in_a_loveless_world

    The 'I miss you' thread...

    Loveless here, I just wanted to make this thread to let my moz-solo pals know that I miss them dearly! I have not talked to many of you in quite some time now:( so, Warrie, Westie, Kuiper, strange fear, cassius, virtually dead....and well everyone else on here too....I MISS YOU GUYS!! I was...
  5. in_a_loveless_world

    Where is Strange Fear...and others...

    Ive noticed some of you looking for people or wondering what hapened to them....I have been wondering myself, where is Strange Fear? Where are you Strangey? :D
  6. in_a_loveless_world

    My Morrissey Pics from Austin, Texas

    Here are my pictures from the Austin, TX show. They are not the best, but enjoy anyway! :D
  7. in_a_loveless_world

    Moz/Smiths Tattoos

    Do you have a Moz/Smiths related tattoo? If you dont, do you want one? I personally wouldnt mind getting a Moz tattoo. I wouldnt know what to get though. I saw someone with a portait of Moz and it was really cool. :D
  8. in_a_loveless_world

    Visual DNA/Personality test Click 'make your own profile' to start. My Profile:
  9. in_a_loveless_world


    Is it safe to take a digital camera to the shows? Particularly the Texas shows. I just got a digital camera, so i was wondering if its safe to take it. Thanks! :)
  10. in_a_loveless_world

    What are you bringing to your Moz shows?

    For those who are going to any Moz shows, Im just curious if anyone is bringing any gifts or things to give Moz? :p
  11. in_a_loveless_world

    Depeche Mode Live

    I am a huge DM fan and was wondering if anyone has any DM shows they wouldnt mind sharing? Thanks!
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