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  1. Assassin

    Morrissey & Montgomery Clift

    I've never seen anything about this on here, but has Morrissey ever talked much in the past about the actor Montgomery Clift? I think he's tremendous and far superior to Dean, who himself, tried to replicate Monty's style on screen. He had a similar look and tone of voice. He also possesed...
  2. Assassin

    Hear Sparks' 'Lighten Up, Morrissey'

    *NEW LINKS* Morrissey himself thinks it's great...
  3. Assassin

    Sparks' New Album (With Morrissey related title)

    Sparks' New Album (With Morrissey related title)+Explanation It's titled 'Exotic Creatures Of The Deep' and will be released May 19th. 'Intro' 'Good Morning' 'Strange Animal' 'I Can’t Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song' 'Let The Monkey Drive' 'Intro Reprise'...
  4. Assassin

    The Operation video...

    Is there a video clip of this available anywhere?
  5. Assassin

    New Single/Greatest Hits will be released 25th Feb 08?;-1;-1;-1&sku=749182 ...February*
  6. Assassin

    New Songs, Links and Lyrics

    I decided to put all these in one thread, and upload them to megaupload, so they will be available for months to come. Taken from various live clips. All You Need Is Me You hiss and groan You constantly moan But you don't ever go away That's because All...
  7. Assassin

    New Song Not much to judge, but I like the sound of the music.
  8. Assassin

    I Want To Wrap My Arms Around Paris

    Here's the song in full...MP3 I tried my best to clean the sound up. It's nowhere near perfect, but you get a reasonable idea of what the song is like.
  9. Assassin

    Jonathan ross

    Does anyone if this show is floating around somewhere? I saw some of it on a myspace video and it was very funny, but sadly it was an incomplete clip. :( It's from 2004 btw Thank you
  10. Assassin

    South Bank Show

    Is this available anywhere? I do believe I saw it on youtube before, but it's not there now :(
  11. Assassin

    All You Need Is Me MP3

    Hallo Decided I should do something nice for my first post. It's from the torrent, but it only contains the song and no talking. Very good quality and it's a solid song.
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