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  1. LetsGoDevils

    My quest to visit Natalie Portman in America

    no, just those who commit crimes of moral turpitude.
  2. LetsGoDevils

    Morrissey now listed on the William Morris Entertainment "roster"

    "Police or security: There will be no uniformed policemen present backstage or between the barriers, unless asked by the production or the artist. "Morrissey does not tolerate any sort of violent or aggressive behavior from any crew member, security guard or policeman. Everyone shall be...
  3. LetsGoDevils

    2011 All Star Game Tonight? - Anyone else in the US watching?

    Doesn't matter, the way these Philly fans are talking why bother even playing the world series because it's going to Philly. No I did not like that at all. :( We lost first place to the evil ones in Red Sox, don't you want to see me happy?
  4. LetsGoDevils

    2011 All Star Game Tonight? - Anyone else in the US watching?

    ahhhhhh :love::love::love::love: and Derek Jeter has never kicked out or given lifetime bans from Yankee Stadium. He doesn't even ban the evil trolls from mASSlive that invade
  5. LetsGoDevils

    Did Morrissey's anti-Chinese racism have anything to do with Tseng getting booted?

    Re: Did Morrissey's anti-Chinese racism have anything to do with Tseng getting booted Theo you may be on to something. I can't get past he actions when he makes a statement like this: "The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family ... is entirely against any notion of...
  6. LetsGoDevils

    2011 All Star Game Tonight? - Anyone else in the US watching?

    Ahhh Derek Jeter :love::love::love::love: If I learned anything from the 2008 elections is vote early and vote often.
  7. LetsGoDevils

    Looks like a certain word has flown across the Atlantic

    I don't know about the UK( he wouldn't qualify for a visa) but I would be happy sending Joba across the Hudson to Trenton. Or trade him to KC while he's still worth about $2.95
  8. LetsGoDevils

    Statement by morrissey in hot press on queen's visit to ireland

    Wow,I had no idea the Queen could fire the PM at will and give Northern Ireland to Ireland. What a colossal waste of time learning about the Commons and House of Lords in my International Politics class just to be lied to.
  9. LetsGoDevils

    What made you fight back tears today?

  10. LetsGoDevils

    Theo, Re:Airport Scanners

    Have you been through the TSA scanners yet? Any thoughts?
  11. LetsGoDevils

    I was wrong, baseball rocks

    Yes it was ARod. He's dating Cameron Diaz now. Derek used to date Mariah Carey but luckily Joe Torre made him break up with her.
  12. LetsGoDevils

    I was wrong, baseball rocks

  13. LetsGoDevils

    Any Londoners want to adopt a cat
  14. LetsGoDevils

    What's yr fave YouTube of the moment? How about that kerigirl13 shit!

    Didn't people send strippers and prostitutes from craigslist to their house. Can you imagine when the father answered the door. I can kind of understand his anger.
  15. LetsGoDevils

    Songs about Jake

    Who the hell are these people? I don't get why this is funny but then again as stated on this thread American's don't get English humor.
  16. LetsGoDevils

    Frank Sidebottom has died.

    My friend and I were talking to him before some cricket game he was playing and we couldn't stop looking(and laughing) at the white crap on his lips and his 1970s Roger Datrey hair.
  17. LetsGoDevils

    Question for NY/NJ people

    If you haven't been to the States in a few years do your ESTA soon because I think they are going to start charging $10 for it. It's good for 2 years so you would be covered if you go next year instead. Go to the official Gov site because some sites charge you money for what you can do for...
  18. LetsGoDevils

    What's all the fuss about some soccer tournament?

    After seeing John Madden as a Blackhawk I feel your pain.
  19. LetsGoDevils

    Why can't Obama plug the damn hole?

    Rudy for Prez is what I wished happened. I can't help wonder what the reaction would be if say for example Amoco had oil gushing into the North Sea and the CEO says sorry small people we have no way of stopping it. Then have a live cam of oil pumping into sea on BBC,the UK shellfish industry...
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