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  1. mr.m

    Morrissey - Live At Summer Sonic festival - 2002

    Hey all, I recently stumbled across this, I haven't seen it before.. I'm not too sure if the video of the gig has been posted here already or not? Anyway, enjoy! :guitar:
  2. mr.m

    So I'm in Kraków, found this on M's tour bus this morning

    What's Jessie's middle name?:lbf:
  3. mr.m

    I have a copy of The Smith Best II LP for sale with a few hrs left on it

    You might be able to grab yourself a bargain as it's finishing at a slightly shitty time And there's a T Shirt for sale too for those interested...
  4. mr.m

    Liz Kershaw chats to Tony Visconti BBC Radio 6 music
  5. mr.m

    I have an XL barbershop T shirt for swap

    Its just way too big for me, it's pretty much useless. If anyone has a tour T shirt in large they're willing to trade pm me. Can send pics:) Thanks!
  6. mr.m

    BBC Radio 4 - Kate Mossman and John Wilson review WPINOYB

    Not sure if it's a repost. Starts at 15:15.
  7. mr.m

    "Introducing Morrissey" DVD pre order / cover on (Sep. 8, 2014 release date)

    "Introducing Morrissey" DVD pre-order - Release Date 08/09/14 Good to see this at last. Almost forgot it was due out soon. Here's hoping for a few extra features included.:guitar: Related item: "Introducing Morrissey" DVD to be released in September 2014 - TTY - June 6, 2014
  8. mr.m

    Free (as good as) Hop Farm Festival tickets, people!

    Get on this. Free tickets for the hop farm fest X:eek:
  9. mr.m

    This Night Has Opened My Eyes T.V perfomance

    From YES, hadn't seen it before and it hasn't had many views.. Thought I'd share it with you lot because I think it's wonderful:D
  10. mr.m

    UK Bowie fans, Theres a BBC2 programme that's a repeat from '07 now on iPlayer

    I caught the end of it last night, it's presented by Mark Radcliffe...
  11. mr.m

    How much should I pay for a Jack The Ripper 7" promo?

    I've wanted one for a while and now found a copy in mint condition for £35. Do you guy's think that's the right sort of price to pay? Thanks.
  12. mr.m

    Morrissey singing fatty this year

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up here already, but every time I heard him sing "You're The One For Me Fatty" on this tour he hasn't sang the line "all over.." or " and some..". Instead he kind of made a strange grunt, not too dissimilar to the voice of Jimmy from Blue Peter (for the...
  13. mr.m

    Check out this piece of KISS merch. Maybe Moz should start going this way.. :D:squiffy:
  14. mr.m

    a good mix from 'the horrors'

    Been listening to this a lot, thought I'd share it with you lot. :thumb:
  15. mr.m

    So, according to Boz's Facebook..

    He's been getting hot and sweaty filming in a Dublin basement with Tony Visconti. Interesting.. :horny:
  16. mr.m

    I have a spare copy of a Ringleader Lp if anyone wants it?

    Hey all, it's a near mint copy I have spare.. I'd ideally like to swap it for something I don't have (I don't have that much tbh). What I do have is just a few lp's and quite a few solo 7"s, I have all cd albums of course, and also a couple of Japanese issues. Let me know if you'd like to...
  17. mr.m

    looking for an interview on youtube

    Does anyone remember the interview from about 85 which was filmed on the moors (i think) M was being incredibly flirty and naughty with the lady interviewer. Cant seem to find it anywhere, if you have it a link would be grand:thumb::D
  18. mr.m

    Has anyone seen this Bravado licenced T shirt before?

    I don't recall ever seeing this on my travels.. Not over keen though to be honest, partly because of the chiseled smug oike modeling it. Does anyone know if there are others in this range available?
  19. mr.m

    Does anyone need a coach and ticket down to Plymouth

    Unfortunately, my friend has blown me out and i have a space on the coach leaving London Victoria coach station and a standing ticket to the gig. If anyone is interested please email me on [email protected] Also, if there is anyone that just needs to get down there and back but has a...
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