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    Lausanne 2x tickets (standing) for sale

    Sorry sold. And probably cancelled anyway.
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    Lausanne 2x tickets (standing) for sale

    Date : November 2nd Venue : Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland Selling at purchase price (let me know which currency you use and I'll send you the price) PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    morrissey england

    if he doesn't come to the UK for the tour, I will never get over it :drama:
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    "Sweetly Sings Delaney" - Book and event

    Thank you for this, I may try to go to the launch event, I love Shelagh.
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    History will not be kind to Johnny Marr

    Re: butley's opinion is unkind to Johnny Marr butley you waste of space, you are a disgrace to the human race. Go get a life you loser. Trying to sound clever? Does that make you feel important? YOU FAIL. Do one. Don't bother replying, I am not wasting any more time on you.
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    Johnny Marr hasn't read Morrissey's "Autobiography"; new solo album in Sep.; book forthcoming - NME

    I am looking forward to hearing both albums. I believe Moz's one will be released slightly before that but who knows!
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    Morrissey 2014 US tour dates posted at

    "Summer European tour"... That sounds perfect! I hope you are right. To all American friends, have fun! :)
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    Morrissey 2014 US tour dates posted at

    I hope so too. Highly disappointed the tour starts in America but not surprised. Hopefully, Young's visa for Europe won't be accepted, that would be a bonus! :p
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    New Morrissey US tour dates (Dallas, Boston) listed on Ticketmaster

    I am with you on that one. First official dates announced in LA and NY now. The fact he's recording in France had me hoping the tour would be European for most and yet, I was wrong again. America gets it. And supported by Kristeen effing Young? I think I'm going to puke. I used to admire the...
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    Members Pics

    Steve Croce and Girl afraid, you are both very pretty!! Crystal, I love your cheerleader outfit. Not disturbing at all :D
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    Name an actor/actress you do not like

    Gwyneth Paltrow. I feel like throwing apples and pears to her face but you just can't hit people with their own children. That's not fair on the kids.
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    Young Morrissey photo with Aunt Mary posted on Facebook

    It was posted by the woman in the photo. Auntie Mary.
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    Morrissey show with Bombay Bicycle Club Mar 8th 2014?

    Glitch. They're playing Birmingham on that date, supported by Rae Morris. No sign of Moz.
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    Johnny Marr in Melbourne

    I saw him in London in October and agree with that.
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    Tour Guide

    Yes, I went to the grand Canyon but we drove there early one morning from Scottsdale and ended up on icy snowy roads and it was scary but it's the most beautiful place in the world so it was worth slightly crashing the Camaro on the parking lot ;) I missed the veggie places but I was with a...
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    Tour Guide

    I was in Sedona 2 years ago and loved it. I only remember eating cactus fries (I think that's what they're called) because it was very hard to find vegetarian options in restaurants. Arizona is very different from what you can see in Europe. And people were all very nice to us. I look forward...
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    Johnny Marr's alternative Queen's Speech

    He's right about a lot of things but what I probably liked the most is that he called Haim ridiculous. Just typing their name on the computer makes me angry. Yeah, I cannot stand them and cannot bear to see all those daily articles NME writes about them trying to make us believe they're cool. OK...
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    Looking for a documentary... help

    I've seen this. I wonder if it's from the unauthorized documentary called 'Morrissey The jewel in the crown' which can be found on youtube.
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