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    no morrissey songs on jk rowlings tracks of my years

    thought she was a massive fan? nothing mentioned on ken bruce this week - picked 10 songs with no connection to moz= has she turned her back or another example of the bbc thought police in action?
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    new stone roses single

    to be played at 8pm tonite on twitter, 1st new material in 20 years
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    is boz playing with the polecats this year?

    they have a few gigs lined up and have already played a couple - we see them in may, any one know if boz is in the gang?
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    the front cover of the boy racer

    any one ever noticed the front cover of the boy racer looks very much like the front cover of an iconic album by another british artist?
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    its not the morrissey i once loved

    shite novels, shite chat shows with shite guests, shite arenas, shite outbursts of trolling and drama queen antics, bemoaning record deals that he could easily get, flogging dead singles, flogging re releases, dressing like a jockey ice, cream man, 70s stand up us comic etc, its not the...
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    why doesnt the royal family sue morrissey?

    lets face it being compared to the 3rd reich , the slander and obsessive trolling on true to you- im no fan of the royals don't get me wrong but people are now serving jail sentences and being financialy ruined in court these days, money cant be an issue so I think moz needs to be careful about...
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    meteors cancel uk tour

    we had tickets for leeds on fri-was gutted to hear the news at mid day that the show was cancelled due to p paul fenech been rushed in to hospital, now the whole uk tour is scrapped, ticket refunds from point of purchase- no more news about the condition of pp lets wish him a full recovery and...
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    is KMAL the worst morrissey single ever?

    bland, unimaginative instantly forgettable weak rubbish, is alain whyte doing any solo projects I wonder?
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    the overuse of the nickname "moz"

    I never even heard of Morrissey been called moz until the comeback in 2004, to me Morrissey is short enough, is it cos of boz? where did all this moz stuff start? lets not get lazy with moz boz loz shnozz or fozz -its Morrissey and that's it
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    just enjoy

    or not?
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    first of the gang is now a decade old -reflect

    there realy isnt going to be any new songs that are very good are there? record deal or no record deal, its the end now if truth be told, sad but true, thanks for great years morrissey- but its over now.
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    the official PSYCHOBILLY thread

    any one else love psychobilly? demented are go? the quakes? the meteors? batmobile? frantic flintstones? etc etc
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    any body ever seen this tattoo?

    still ill pretty girls make graves
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