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    Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording "World Peace..." in Mix (Aug. 2014)

    This is an article related to Morrissey and the recording of WPINOYB Morrissey’s Flair for the Dramatic: 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' - Mix Aug 1, 2014 9:00 AM, Mix, By Barbara Schultz Engineer Maxime Le Guil and producer Joe Chiccarelli in La Fabrique Studio. Related item: Under...
  2. GlasgowChivas

    'WPINOYB' Songwriting Credits?

    I know we've had confirmation on song of the songs so far but do we have a definitive list of who composed each one? Including the b-side/extra tracks? I know the International Playboy tumblr has some but it's blocked by my work so can't view it.
  3. GlasgowChivas

    The Smiths will NEVER reform but will we see a Morrissey/Marr composition again?

    They haven't worked together in over in close to 30yrs but they currently maintain a distant, yet amicable relationship (if the recent re-mastering work is to go by) but do we think we'll ever see a brand new Morrissey/Marr song? At present, both are enjoying a latter stage career resurgance...
  4. GlasgowChivas

    UK promo bundles now available
  5. GlasgowChivas

    WANTED:Hold Onto Your Friends Promo Poster (Large)

    Hey guys, Not often in the Marketplace forum and I generally only buy readily available merchandise but I've been a little obsessed over this poster recently and it would make a nice, early Christmas gift to myself. It's the 5' x 3' size I'm looking for. If anyone had one for sale or...
  6. GlasgowChivas

    Getting back from Dunfermline

    Hi, Looking to see if anyone has sorted a return from Dunfermline to Glasgow? My expected lift has dropped out (today!) and I'm now stuck. Bus and train timetables dont seem to have anything that will be suitable. Don't want stranded in Dunfermline on a wet Monday. Any advice appreciated...
  7. GlasgowChivas

    Morrissey is in Gleneagles

    As of 3hrs ago according to Ross Wood. iamr0sc0 Ross Wood Bumped into Morrissey, and had a great lunch - good day (@ Gleneagles Hotel & Spa)!/iamr0sc0
  8. GlasgowChivas

    At Last I Am Born - an appreciation

    Morning all. I recently posted my thoughts on 'I Will See You In Far Off Places' - you can find them here - and in doing so I mentioned that 'At Last I Am Born' was another Ringleader track that had recently surfaced in my mind and refused to go away. So if you have the time and you don't...
  9. GlasgowChivas

    I Will See You In Far Off Places - an appreciation

    I don't know what's caused it but I've been listening to this on repeat a lot recently and I want to talk about it. When Ringleader came out I remember liking the song but ultimately dismissing it as "a good opener" and moving on to songs like 'Dear God Please Help Me' and 'Life Is A Pigsty'...
  10. GlasgowChivas

    Morrissey under new management - Ron Laffitte; Hop Farm details at

    Hop Farm, Damien Dempsey and new management confirmed on True To You: Morrissey to headline at Hop Farm Music Festival; Damien Dempsey looks likely to be added; Morrissey now managed by Ron Laffitte - 4 March 2011 Morrissey will be headlining at the Hop Farm Music Festival...
  11. GlasgowChivas

    Morrissey under new management

    Hop Farm, Damien Dempsey and new management confirmed on True To You.
  12. GlasgowChivas

    Solo - I need YOUR help.

    I have been searching for days and came up dry; help me Solo, you're my only hope. A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a canvas or print that had the silhouettes of many fromtmen/women of various bands. Morrissey was of course one of the images. I thought I had bookmarked the page that it...
  13. GlasgowChivas

    Morrissey's Top 10 Dating Tips

    From here : Well, I lol'd.
  14. GlasgowChivas

    Whatever happened to the other YOR Tracks?

    You know the ones I mean; " Action Man", "Theresa, Theresa", "I Was Bully, Do Not Forget Me" & "I'm Looking Forward To Going Back". What with the recent leaks of unheard tracks on the "Revelations" LP & the upcoming official release of the same, I got to wondering if these were ever recorded...
  15. GlasgowChivas

    Morrissey on Desert Island Discs - 29 Nov 2009

    Sunday November 29th via @boydhilton 's Twitter page boydhilton BBC boldly says Desert Island Discs with MORRISSEY will be broadcast on Sunday November 29. He better have recorded it already... Hope he's right and it's not Neil Morrissey.... GC
  16. GlasgowChivas

    Tour Backdrops - Where would you get one made?

    Anyone out there know where you would get something like this made up? And how much you would expect to pay? Not looking for the one Moz uses; don't think anyone knows that information but looking for info on where you would get something similar done, preferably in the U.K Have a few big...
  17. GlasgowChivas

    Gif of Moz dragging woman on stage?

    I saw this yesterday but can't remember where??:( Help me out someone - my brain is fried today:tears::tears: GC
  18. GlasgowChivas

    I Know It's Over - Thank Your Lucky Stars Bootleg Request

    Any kind soul feel like sharing? Want to hear this track without having to download the whole show. Thanks in advance GC
  19. GlasgowChivas

    Glasgow meet up?

    Taking the lead from VivaBob's London & Manchester thread lets have a place for a meet in Glasgow. I'll leave it to people who are uglier than you and I to make the suggestions as there is probably a well established tradition that I just don't know about. Suggestions please! *Set's...
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