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  1. justme

    Morrissey racist? He's just stirring the storm in his tea cup

    I posted it before but maybe it's worth it's own thread - great article :thumb:
  2. justme

    Johnny Marr talks about Rough Trade and The Smiths

    Sorry if this has been posted before :) Johnny Marr talks about Rough Trade and The Smiths
  3. justme

    Times online: making sure the Smiths will have their day

    From The Times February 12, 2010 Making sure the Smiths will have their day As a Facebook campaign is launched to give the Smiths their first UK No 1 single, Terry Christian hails their genius Here we go :thumb...
  4. justme

    The XX

    OK, I am obsessed with this album... cannot stop listening to it! What a fantastic debut! :thumb: Crystalised is such an amazing song does anyone agree with me?
  5. justme

    L.A. Times 15/04/09 article on Moz

    I was really pleased to read this :thumb: Coachella: Morrissey and the Smiths’ influence is apparent The festival lineup is full of bands they’ve influenced. Morrissey will perform Friday. For a gathering that’s mostly about new music, this weekend’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts...
  6. justme

    The Decemberists- The Hazards of Love

    I don't know if anyone here likes the Decemberists . I've just pre-ordered their latest album The Hazards of Love . Any thoughts? :)
  7. justme

    Springsteen Holds Off Morrissey On Euro Albums Chart

    Oh, well.... :rolleyes: * cursing at springsteen ;)*
  8. justme

    Morrissey Cancels Florida Shows

    sorry guys :(
  9. justme

    The guardian blog on moz's "naked" inner sleeve

    Could someone please explain the author a litlle bit about Morrissey and direct him to the pitchfork review of his latest album? :rolleyes: Thanks!!
  10. justme

    The Scotsman: A-Z of 2009

    M is for Morrissey Landing mid-February, Years of Refusal is the ninth solo album from the master manipulator, who keeps the fans guessing with his oblique lyrics. Following the sexually liberated lines which caused such a rumpus on Ringleader of the Tormentors, Morrissey returns to more...
  11. justme

    The Sound- Notes on the new Morrissey album

    Sorry guys,just got back from work and I am too lazy to look for the reviews thread :p here is the conclusion: Refusal sounds like it may be one of Morrissey's most diverse and exciting solo records to date. Packed full of lyrical venom and bleak humour, the singer has shifted up a gear...
  12. justme

    Now, that's na ideia!

    From the Sun: Eva's naked plea to Morrissey :D
  13. justme

    YoR cover on The Guardian

    Well, here we go: I wished there were not so many trolls posting on the front page :mad:
  14. justme

    Did the Guardian take money from the BNP?

    I just saw this...
  15. justme

    all you need is me "review"

    OK,this is a lousy review but I had a laugh when I looked into the journalist bio... The review first: The older Morrissey gets, the more he turns into a parody of himself, from the arrogance of the title (which you know he's singing...
  16. justme

    how will morrissey be remembered in 50 Years?

    I was reading some of the posts on the main page, regarding DQ's "review" of Moz's GHs. The journalist oppinion and some comments made think whether it is becoming trendy to aknowleadge that The Smiths were good (even if you hated them at the time) and early Moz Stuff was also classic (although...
  17. justme

    These charming men: Making it as Morrissey

    Interesting article from the Independent :)
  18. justme

    Ten Things You Never Knew About Morrissey

    Ten Things You Never Knew About Morrissey Of course I'm sure you know all this, but in fact #7 shocked me a bit :eek: 7. Morrissey was particularly miffed when a critic accused him of "conveying all...
  19. justme

    Newsweek article:Moz mention

    It's a bit out of topic, but I think it's interesting. An article called Happiness: Enough Already, has a nice pic of Moz in good company with a subtitle that reads: Grief Is Good: Aristotle saw melancholy as muse. Bright stars who suffered dark moods: Van Gogh, Lincoln, Dickinson, Allen and...
  20. justme

    I was Morrissey's Roadie - The Times article
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