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  1. Detritus

    Morrissey signed to Rupture Records in France, new album ready for release?

    More wet blankets for the pile... Supposing this turns out to be legitimate, the fact that the label is apparently against building a strong web presence doesn't exactly bode well for their promotional prowess, and we know how well things turn out when Morrissey thinks he hasn't been...
  2. Detritus

    TTY: SMITHS 45 - Morrissey involved in new Smiths 45 on Warner (Boy With The Thorn/Rubber Ring)

    It's nice and more than a little surreal to see brand new Smiths cover art designed by Morrissey. Since Warner just recently shut down the original hipsterdisco/"Just the Smiths and Morrissey" YouTube channel, I wouldn't be surprised if these two "previously unreleased" tracks were uploaded...
  3. Detritus

    Is this young James Maker?

    Sure looks like James Maker to me.
  4. Detritus

    Official Platinum tickets for Philly

    I'd sure hate to be one of the people who got suckered in to buying these tickets, only to show up to the venue to find that Morrissey's guestlist crew is taking up their space in the front row.
  5. Detritus

    Pit tix for PA on 9/22

    I kept refreshing for a solid 40 minutes and wound up with two pit tickets, row BBB. I may be selling one in the near future, because I don't think my boyfriend wants to fork over $125 for a ticket. I can't really blame him, he's a casual fan at best. Edit: He decided he wants to go, so no...
  6. Detritus

    TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

    And $45-$125 for Philly. Yeesh. Edit: I don't see an onsale time for presales, just general onsale, which is unusual.
  7. Detritus

    "Stranger Things" - Smiths references

    Not very, especially considering that, at the time, those singles hadn't been released in the US. It's possible he could have heard of the Smiths, but in order to hear the music he would have had to get a hold of expensive imports, or known someone who had them. At any rate, even though the...
  8. Detritus

    TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

    It's hard to deny that Morrissey can be a hypocrite when it comes to where he will and won't play based on a country's animal rights record, but to be fair, Hong Kong is an autonomous territory with a legal and monetary system (among other things) separate from mainland China, and it has a...
  9. Detritus

    Alain Whyte's band, Stadium, play 'This Charming Man', interview - SoundCheck Live

    Ah, OK then. No worries. Regarding Alain's remark about Marr doing "all the writing," given the context of that statement, I think he means it in the sense that Marr was Morrissey's sole songwriting collaborator in The Smiths, and not necessarily that Marr is responsible for absolutely every...
  10. Detritus

    Alain Whyte's band, Stadium, play 'This Charming Man', interview - SoundCheck Live

    No. Johnny provided a short and sweet answer on the subject in his Reddit AMA a couple years back: "Andy and I worked very well together. He would come up with his bass lines and I would produce him. He's unique." I've also written about this topic at length on here before, with interview...
  11. Detritus

    Johnny Marr on Tony Fletcher Smiths book - excerpt from Mojo (Aug. 2016)

    You realize the narrative of the book is shaped by recollections from more than just Johnny and the people he's close to, right?
  12. Detritus

    TTY: Hate-rosexuality; Morrissey on the Orlando massacre

    This is a far cry from his response to the Utøya slayings. The clarity, lack of sensationalism and agenda pushing in this statement is refreshing. I understand your point, and if the victims had been murdered at random, indiscriminately, it would be fair to say that their sexuality and the...
  13. Detritus

    The Frogs

    My favorite track off Starjob:
  14. Detritus

    The Frogs

    I love this band, especially their filthy, lo-fi "gay supremacist" period. They cleaned up nicely, though----the Starjob EP is a great (and great-sounding) collection of off-kilter pop songs. I'm still bummed about Dennis Flemion's sudden death a few years back... One of my most prized...
  15. Detritus

    TTY: Morrissey not part of Chicago Riot Fest as of May 23

    Weirdos are web-stalking someone Morrissey knows and making dubious (and now obviously incorrect) inferences based on vague social media posts, because they have it in their heads that it's the reason Morrissey pulled out of a festival that isn't even happening until four months from now. Bizarre.
  16. Detritus

    TTY: Morrissey not part of Chicago Riot Fest as of May 23

    Given that Jesse uploaded a screenshot of the festival lineup to Instagram the day it was announced, something he often does to promote upcoming shows, I doubt Morrissey's appearance was never on the table to begin with. If Morrissey really isn't part of Riot Fest, the likeliest scenario is that...
  17. Detritus

    Morrissey confirmed for Riot Fest

    If I recall correctly, a recent TTY post stated that live shows would be suspended indefinitely until there was a new record deal/new material to promote. He could have changed his mind for various reasons, but I can't help wondering whether bigger news is on the way.
  18. Detritus

    Morrissey-solo move to XenForo complete

    I'm a regular user at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums, where XenForo has been used as the platform for quite some time, and really enjoy the interface, notification system, and other features. Nice to see it implemented here. Thanks for your hard work, David!
  19. Detritus

    TTY: The Queen Is Dead

    This interpretation, that the song has a dual meaning, is mine as well and could be supported by Morrissey's comment that "there's the safety net in the song that the 'old queen' is me," (see: p. 478 of Fletcher's There Is a Light That Never Goes Out ). As for this TTY post, it's refreshing to...
  20. Detritus

    A recollection from Alain Whyte

    He is listed as a co-writer in the Who Put the M in Manchester? credits and is also named as a member of the band on Big Hard Excellent Fish's website. So there's a bit more credibility to it than the anon lets on in their bizarre rant.
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