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  1. 5am

    U.S. personnel in Iraq could face court-martial for getting pregnant I don't understand how this can be legal.
  2. 5am

    A crack on the head is what we get

    How do you people feel about posters calling another poster a slut, a slapper and a cock sucker? Do you think it's harmless? Acceptable? It's not a hypothetical question, which is why I can tell you that as far as the people who make the rules around here, it is not a big deal. My friend...
  3. 5am

    Tranny Frink Thread

    I shouldn't have (the way to "hell" is paved with good intentions)
  4. 5am

    The new profile page & digital culture

    I miss the old days when you could just write anonymously everywhere, if you wanted to. I got used to the whole registration thing, and now there's the contact and networking thing. If I was into that I would get a myspace page or something. A while ago I run into an article about the...
  5. 5am

    Weird lover Wilde is on his side

    Moz affection for borrowing from others in his lyrics is probably well known by most of you. I've always liked it. It sometimes puts the lyrics in a perspective I haven't thought of myself. Also I like the idea of great creations that keep on circling in the world, gaining immortality by...
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