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  1. valvano

    Why doesn’t Morrissey do this?

    I recently purchased one of these from Ian McCulloch, around $80, handwritten lyrics to Killing Moon. I would pay double for something similar from Morrissey.
  2. valvano

    Introducing Morrissey audio rip

    Can somebody please post an audio rip of the Introducing Morrissey DVD? Thanks!
  3. valvano

    Bass drum skin photo question

    what is the photo source of the bass drum skin photo of the blonde woman wearing sun glasses holding Morrissey's book? Thanks
  4. valvano

    Rolling Stone flashback : VH1's failed Smiths reunion Attempt

    New story today, my favorite episode was the Flock of Seagulls since the brother was working in Oxford, NC which is about 50 miles from where I grew up. Flashback: VH1 Fails in Doomed Effort to Reunite the Smiths - Rolling Stone In 2004, cable show 'Bands Reunited' attempted to pull off the...
  5. valvano

    Smiths #4 on Wall Street Journal list of 5 bands that should reunite

    subscription may be required: 5 Bands That Should Reunite - The Wall Street Journal Compared to past blockbusters such as the Eagles, the Police and Van Halen, today’s reunions are typically smaller affairs, involving lesser-known rock acts from the 1990s. A few massive reunion contenders...
  6. valvano

    Johnny Mar 9:30 Club Tour Opener

    Johnny Marr 9:30 Club Tour Opener An incredible, incredible, incredible show. Along with solo work and covers of New Order and Iggy Pop. there was plenty of Smiths including Panic (2nd song out), How Soon Is Now, Bigsmouth Stikes Again, Still Ill, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out...
  7. valvano

    French SNCF Railroad TGV Magazine review of "World Peace"

    I apologize if this has already been posted, I did not see it, but while in France for the last week of the Tour de France while traveling from Perigueux to Paris via SNCF I did spend part of the journey on their high speed TGV line and the TGV Magazine (which is pretty much identical to airline...
  8. valvano

    I have an extra Morrissey NME magazine

    I ordered one on my own and my daughter actually found one at Heathrow this week while on a school trip to Spain / France. So now I have an extra. Anybody interested?
  9. valvano

    Tour Merch Available online or other place

    Was to attend shows this week in Baltimore and DC, which were pushed 2 weeks and now are canceled. Wanted to pick up a World Peace tote bag referenced elsewhere for my oldest daughter who is pretty active in Model UN. Anybody have any idea where I can still pick one up, or anybody here have...
  10. valvano

    2 Tickets for Baltimore June 10, RCCT, Row PP, Face Value

    2 Tickets for Baltimore June 10, RCCT, Row PP, $150 Hi, have 2 tickets for Baltimore, June 10, Section RCCT, Row PP. I bought these before the DC show was announced and was able to get DC tickets. Since DC is closer to home than Baltimore am looking to find a good home for these tickets...
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