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  1. imogen11

    Charlton Heston Dies At 83

    That's my first hit for this year's dead pool. What? I'm just saying!
  2. imogen11

    Dying for a fag!

    Wow, that's f***ing GREAT. Congratulations! :guitar: :D :guitar:
  3. imogen11

    Do you guys know anything about kidney stones?

    I've heard they can make grown men weep. Seriously. I hope you feel better fast! :)
  4. imogen11

    Dying for a fag!

    Are you still off the cigarettes, Paul? :)
  5. imogen11

    The Ricky Gervais Podcast...

    oooOOHHH, Chimpanzee-that!! MONKEY NEWS, YER FFF*(&...!!!!!!
  6. imogen11

    just got my special editon of 'greatest hits'

    Hey where is the gif in your signature from???? Never seen it before.. :)
  7. imogen11

    what does an American accent sound like?

    Oh there's nothing bland about a North London accent. :) hmm..I'd have to say the most 'tolerable', as you put it, is a New York accent. Perhaps the same goes for the whole of the east coast, but to my Australian ears, New Yorkers don't drawl as much as Californians. New Yorkers have a...
  8. imogen11

    With "fans" like this...

    Haaaaaaa. :D
  9. imogen11

    Antidepressant drugs don't work – official study

    they worked for me! In a big way! I resisted taking them for quite a while, but in the end I did and have never looked back (stopped taking them years ago too) :) I think it is important to speak with a shrink also. So many people just take antidepressants, which is a band-aid solution...
  10. imogen11

    It's crunch time for Morrissey...

    Wow, I have a quick browse of the boards after a couple of weeks away and people have started talking sense. I, for one, will not be having your drawn and quartered, so fear not. ;)
  11. imogen11

    Celebrities You Can't Stand

    Can't stand the f***er.
  12. imogen11

    childhood hotties

    My very first: at the age of 3! :o
  13. imogen11

    Who is easier to live with: boys or girls?

    I would looooove to live alone but I'm a fulltime student (30 years old) and I just can't afford it. Rent here is astronomical at the moment and I like to live around the city, which is expensive. Once I finish with school at the end of next year, though, that's it - no more sharehouses for...
  14. imogen11

    Who is easier to live with: boys or girls?

    I'm currently having to find a new sharehouse, which is about as much fun as an enema, and I need some help here. Just got back from checking out a house that is just what I'm looking for in many ways: PERFECT location, pretty good price, HUUUGE room, horrid 70s carpet..uh..hang on...
  15. imogen11

    new Word Magazine; perhaps most vicious attack ever on Moz (in Greatest Hits review)

    Re: new Word Magazine; perhaps most vicious attack ever on Moz (in Greatest Hits revi I love you Cornelius :)
  16. imogen11

    any one want to make a confession!

    Shit yeah. She did have a wadload of morphine but my other flatmate ate that over new years :eek: :o I'm sure she is on meds but perhaps stops taking them. :confused:
  17. imogen11

    any one want to make a confession!

    Yeah, totally crazy. :eek: In the 1 and a half years I've been in this house, it's the third time she has had a period of psychosis. This time really got to me. It's really creepy to see someone change like that and go downhill. I am not sure if she is okay. I don't think she's going to be...
  18. imogen11

    Morrissey is shy

    This is my problem. And it can make life difficult in so many ways :o
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