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  1. valvano

    Why doesn’t Morrissey do this?

    I recently purchased one of these from Ian McCulloch, around $80, handwritten lyrics to Killing Moon. I would pay double for something similar from Morrissey.
  2. valvano

    Johnny Marr interview in SPIN mentions why The Smiths won't reunite, Classically Smiths

    Anybody know the reason why Jesse Tobias only lasted a month with the Red Hot Chill Peppers?
  3. valvano

    Introducing Morrissey audio rip

    thank you so much!!!!
  4. valvano

    Introducing Morrissey audio rip

    Can somebody please post an audio rip of the Introducing Morrissey DVD? Thanks!
  5. valvano

    I started something I couldn't finish: the Smiths reunion that wasn't - The Guardian

    My dad used to say the same thing, except it was think in one hand and shit in the other
  6. valvano

    "Rourke - Joyce - Gannon / Summer 2018" tweet - Something's going on...

    have seen Morrissey and Marr solo, now with this I will be able to say I have seen the Smiths (spread over 3 shows) :-)
  7. valvano

    Bass drum skin photo question

    what is the photo source of the bass drum skin photo of the blonde woman wearing sun glasses holding Morrissey's book? Thanks
  8. valvano

    Washington, DC - The Anthem (Nov. 30, 2017) post-show

    A lot of the pre show videos were the same as last tour but some were different. I believe that Lon Chaney featured in the horror movie clips? And the 3 girls singing in the moving railroad car?
  9. valvano

    Washington, DC - The Anthem (Nov. 30, 2017) post-show

    I am almost to the point of seeing Moz the same number of times as I have been canceled on. Great venue, great show, great set list, great production!! My first visit to the Anthem, it like a bigger 9:30 club and more fancy. Great acoustics, etc. The body guard to Moz's left looked like a...
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