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  1. helen661

    2018 UK tour announced

    Blimey, it would cost more to hire the black curtains than the actual venues! :lbf:
  2. helen661

    2018 UK tour announced

    Which venues is he looking at then. if not the Arena? I can only think The Apollo would be the next likely one.
  3. helen661

    Morrissey in Manchester Arena 20.08.16 by SER (video footage, clips, 1:09)

    Great footage of a brilliant night and even better to watch it back closer up.. especially if you were in the seats like we were, although it was a decent view, watching Moz close up and being in the thick of it all is the only way really.. but I'm afraid my days of being ragged around at the...
  4. helen661

    Morrissey pop-up shop to open at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this weekend - NME

    Harpurhey Dogs home would have benefited from something like this after the fire last year, which saw some 40 odd dogs lose their lives and the shelter pretty much burnt to the ground.Truly heartbreaking scenes. Then again, Moz has given us Mancunians the big two fingers as far as touring goes...
  5. helen661

    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    Re: TTY: Kiss me a lot - Official video Gotta agree. It immediately reminded me of this.... Although to be fair, the one on the right could easily pass for Eno, so.... haha
  6. helen661

    Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

    After repeated listens to the album I can't decide on just one, I'm still switching and changing my mind as to which is my fave, however out of the bonus tracks Drag The River is my Jewel in the crown.....melts me little heart that one. Just lovely, maybe I should just settle with this one for...
  7. helen661

    "Istanbul" - spoken-word promo video

    Re: Istanbul - spoken-word promo video Beautiful... loving these songs and how he delivers them as bar room ballads is wonderful. It just works.
  8. helen661

    Spoken Word Video: Morrissey 'The Bullfighter Dies'

    He's going all Jazzy like his mate Bryan Ferry.....:lbf:
  9. helen661

    UK promo bundles now available

    Haha! it would have been something to cherish sure enough. I'm still undecided which bundle to go for.
  10. helen661

    UK promo bundles now available

    Disappointing that the signed Autobiography isn't included in the UK bundles. I wonder why that is? I'm unsure of the T- shirt sizes too... Ladies fitted T- shirts would have been a good option.
  11. helen661

    The Footy Thread

    What an absolutely brilliant day! Got up this morning and my neighbour's house at the back of us is still rockin from last night haha! I still feel a bit drunk my head is spinning, but my heart is bursting with pride. :D Championies championies.......:guitar:
  12. helen661

    New songs lyrics

    I'm hoping 'Kick The Bride Down The Aisle' brings us a bit of Morrissey of old, a bit of light-heartedness a bit of happy, a bit of sad, a bit of humour, and a dash of sarcasm. On the flip side, we could be seeing women from all over the world taking to the streets and burning their bras in...
  13. helen661

    The Footy Thread

    Come on City! even the raggies are cheering us on haha..... Plus, biting my nails down to the stumps has to be justified! One more point my bluemooners, one more point :guitar:
  14. helen661

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Haha! a cocker is an old northern term for "mate" or "pal" and it was commonly used to greet someone you knew "alright cocker how's it going?" not heard it in ages and it made me laugh. Its a song I heard on Friday night and woke up Saturday singing it in my head. I should've put it on the...
  15. helen661

    What song are you listening to right now?

    oh my hair smells like chocolate....
  16. helen661

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Let me tell you cockers where's the place to be........haha
  17. Uncleskinny

    Fifteen Minutes with...Julie Hesmondhalgh, actress and Morrissey fan

    Julie's latest interview... Fifteen minutes with Julie Hesmondhalgh, actress and fan of Morrissey -
  18. helen661

    Gig rumour July 12th Manchester

    Great news! just want confirmation of the date now, as my pub crawl has just taken place in my mind. Make the dream real. :)
  19. helen661

    Moz at Manchester in July?

    Re: Moz at Manchester in July Oh right, haha! I didn't see this. Now that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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