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  1. Big Fanof Mo

    "At home with Mozzer early 90’s" - mrjakewalters / Instagram

    To me, M is sexy at any age/weight/health condition etc. (Not only him). When one is into brilliant minds/unique personalities.. the shape, really (almost) doesn't matter.. I like finding that out once in a while. Brilliance is almost always very attractive.
  2. Big Fanof Mo

    Morrissey plays two songs on "Nunca es Tarde" / Fox Sports Argentina (Dec. 10, 2018)

    Such a best person. And the band are sweet people.
  3. Big Fanof Mo

    "This Charming Man" played live by Johnny Marr - 9th Dec. London

    It's nice and fun for the audience, but frankly, no one should sing Morrissey's songs, it's a recipe for failure. Even if they themselves wrote the genius music. I can imagine some artists making interesting versions, but not many.. It would actually be interesting to hear Kristeen Young sing...
  4. Big Fanof Mo

    Buenos Aires - DirecTV Arena (Dec. 7, 2018) post-show

    don't worry!! you gave a great report :) thank you :) you're happiness is touching and it carried me away
  5. Big Fanof Mo

    "California Son" track listing posted on Morrissey Central

    perfect half and half- SIX women, SIX men.. sweet
  6. Big Fanof Mo

    next Morrissey European tour?

    Thank you ... ::))
  7. Big Fanof Mo

    next Morrissey European tour?

    predictions for the next Morrissey European tour- What is your prediction- when will be the next European tour? (I need something to look forward to)
  8. Big Fanof Mo

    Lima - Anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición (Nov. 27, 2018) post-show

    He looks great..doesn't he? And it is quite a phenomenon, you're right. Inspiring how he keeps his stance against any grain.. it's a kind of a leedership
  9. Big Fanof Mo

    Santigold wears Morrissey shirt

    That's interesting, thank you. There's so much political confusion, these days, there's chaos, and people are afraid to admit that. The left is no longer left, the right is no longer right, exactly. So, to say that Morrissey's political opinions are such and such, as many people hastily do, is...
  10. Big Fanof Mo

    "Back On The Chain Gang" sleeve posted on Rough Trade

    I don't see any hype... It's my own very personal opinion. In fact there's mostly trash about Morrissey. He might take care of himself, and still care a lot about Art of others and his own, there's no contradiction. He's just very honest, which makes him the perfect target for this kind of...
  11. Big Fanof Mo

    Santigold wears Morrissey shirt

    Well, I'm not (delusional).. I think it's not possible to compare, exactly, because of the change in times and the flow of media etc. I don't think any artist today has the exact impact as them, I was making a relative evaluation. . There cannot be Sinatra or an Elvis. And actually Morrissey is...
  12. Big Fanof Mo

    "Back On The Chain Gang" sleeve posted on Rough Trade

    i don't know if you're up for discussing this, but if so, I want to tell you this- He's doing much more with his spot light than many others. He has the attention of thousands of people, and he refers them to ground breaking people/artists/thinkers. I think that's a good use of this attention. I...
  13. Big Fanof Mo

    Santigold wears Morrissey shirt

    I'm afraid so.. I think he's larger then life, I think he creates sublime music. His voice is pure love, his melodies and lyrics penetrate like nothing else I've ever heard... The fact that he's vulnerable and exposed (and not a polished ken doll like Sinatra and Elvis) only makes him more...
  14. Big Fanof Mo

    Make over

    looks fantastic, would cheer anybody on their way to work. . Or inspire them to free themselves from slavery. Jesse also looks great in this setting:tonguewink:
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