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    Our jobs

    i work at disneyland paris during breaks from school. got back 2 weeks ago, going again in 3. don't hate.
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    Morrissey's in France

    huh? what letter?
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    Morrissey on Glee?

    lol. this will never happen. beyonce/rhianna/madonna/...morrissey? i dont think so.
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    Looks like Leeds is on

    if he cancels i'm gonna set myself on fire. i am flying over there specially for this.
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    MTV Latin Awards

    wow, rude much? I said stupid france because I am in france (see "location" 5 cm to the left of this comment), so I can't watch the entire speech on or on that mexican site, etc. the youtube link doesn't have he whole speech.
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    MTV Latin Awards

    OMG WHAT!!!! video pleaaaaaaaase. I'm dying here, i can't believe i can't watch this. stupid france. i love cafe tacuba. algun latino buena onda que lo suba porfaaaa. prometo miles de abrazos ciberneticos. eta: favourite cafe tacuba song of all time:
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    what are your favorite/crucial computer apps?

    basically it lets you do EVERYTHING with a shortcut. You press your "hotkeys" (mine are Alt+space) and then you start typing the app, website or document you want it to open ("firefox", "morrissey solo", "curriculm", etc). If you program your triggers you can also manage your itunes...
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    what are your favorite/crucial computer apps?

    Caffeine and Quicksilver. I don't remember my life before Quicksilver. Both for mac, I don't know if they exist for Windows. Seriously, Quicksilver is amazing.
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    Where were you born?

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    stalking my ex....

    wat....i thought this thread would be about facebook or myspace stalking i really hope you didn't pay the fee
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    lets be bffs you guys:
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    Need help from someone in France

    is there a reward?
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    Members Pics

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    Attn: Moz Solo Ladies

    ROFL ! this is so ICQ circa 1999
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    What are you folks doing to fight racism on MLK Day?

    Everytime I see the letters "MLK" I think of:
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    you can just say hi if you see me

    haha omg its just a picture, chill out madonna
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    You're the man now dog!

    Im ol skool, I rule the internets.
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    You're the man now dog!

    YTMND is the best website on the internet, tell me your favourites!!! If you are internet-challenged and don't know what I'm talking about here are some of YTMND Morrissey-related jewels (plus some other stuff): Morrissey finds a job, and he's not happy about it...
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    Anyone know what the jewellery Morrissey is wearing these days is?

    Re: morrissey jewlery This bracelet is too expensive for me: So I have this one, which is made out of cheap wood and plastic:
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