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    You're the man now dog!

    YTMND is the best website on the internet, tell me your favourites!!! If you are internet-challenged and don't know what I'm talking about here are some of YTMND Morrissey-related jewels (plus some other stuff): Morrissey finds a job, and he's not happy about it...
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    has anyone else seen Morrissey's flesh?

    HAHAHA! CONFUSING TITLE!!! HAHAHA! The Case: I had seen Flesh before but I had never looked for this moment: today I specifically looked for it, wanting to get a coloured still but WTF? its not an actual still from the movie?? where is it really from? extras? cutted out material?? do I...
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    America PWNS Morrissey??

    In "America is not the World" Morrissey says Americans: *are fat *rascist *discriminate women *have blue eyes (?) *are cold (?) Now that America is going to have either a black president or a female vice-president this song sounds incredibly pretentious, I'm going to LOL at Morrissey...
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    The ultimate .gif collection

    ITT best animated gifs on the web. Morrissey themed ones will be greatly appreciated.
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    I just discovered both but I don't quite understand their usefulness, any one here cares to explain why should I sign up to yet another forgettable social networking site? do YOU have any of these?
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    writer's block --help needed

    YOU want to go to "X" school because it's nearby plus it's in a big city. THEY want to know why you want to study at their school. Three lines are needed. Real reason is boring. The city is named after a wild animal. ANY original ideas?
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    Pete Doherty has great friends!

    Pete Doherty injects heroin on friday Who says he'll finally go to jail?
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    Dumbledore is gay

    "...Rowling spoke to a packed audience at Carnegie Hall, where she did a reading of parts of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." A fan asked if Albus Dumbledore would find love some day, to which Rowling replied: "Dumbledore is gay."" This is friggging hilarious, i can see zillions...
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    Rugby World Cup

    Rugby sucks, i don't understand how it's played, but i'm Argentinian and a week ago i went to see Argentina-Namibia and it was awesome. So now i'm a rugby fan (see HERE). Any Scots here? any Fidji-ninians here? any Newzelanders here? etc etc anyone excited for the world cup??? is everyone...
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    Csi !

    TONIGHT is the season 8th premiere on the states, ill be "getting it" by tommorrow or saturday. ANYWAY any other fans here? i am going crazy (spoiler ahead) not knowing if Sara is going to live or die! 3 friGGGGIng months not knowing!! don't tell me "yo, google it, someone must know" because...
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    yeahh yeahhh "it's already been done", i don't care, let's see some desktops! just screencap if you don't have a camera or are too lazy to take a picture :) where the magic happens:
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    Degrees of Morrissey

    i don't know if anyone knows about the six degrees of kevin bacon game ( im conected to kevin bacon by 6 degrees (not kidding) let's do it with morrissey! i know a girl that met iggy pop last month (she's a drummer) and iggy pop...
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