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    Post your Tumblr?

    Looking for other Moz fans On Tumblr :)
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    I will never marry

    My partner of three years just discreetly told me not propose this saturday. Any thoughts ?
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    Just a quick question

    If Moz is playing Hop fest, then won't there be meat around at all the food stalls? I have never been to Hop but this year will be my first. The main reason I'm going is for moz, so should I be worried about him walking away if "he smells" it? :confused:
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    Quite a disgusting human being

    I hate to name and shame, but this sick individual who is so insensitive to other humans than herself and petty beliefs, can disregard a humans death and take pleasure from it. I do urge you to have a gander and post your...
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    Live set list you would want to see/hear

    Hey everyone, What would be the best live set list you would want to see? the songs do not have to be in order :) also give a reason for each song if you wanted mine would be Jack the ripper- This song live, is just fantastic, It's eerie, and it's just one of those songs that I wont skip...
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    To those who jump onto stage

    After succesfully making it on stage, or touching Moz, where do the security gaurds take you? are you kicked out or placed back in the crowd? =D
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    Do you remember the first time you heard The Smiths or Morrissey

    To all Moz fans new and old, Do you remember the first time you heard The Smiths or Morrissey? The emotions you felt? What you were doing? What you should of been doing instead of indulging in his master pieces? My first time was when I was sixteen, I was in my room, doing coursework on my...
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    Hello all

    I would like to say a HUGE hello to all here on this forum. I'm so pleased to of found this site and forum, I'm constantly checking it! I hope you all will welcome me and take part in some of the threads I'm about to start :) thanks !
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