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    Anti-zionism is anti-semitism

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    It’s not about politics

    Morrissey's recent statements make it clear that he is calling for people to THINK. What is happening in the world right now is not about politics. FREEDOM versus TYRANNY. Everyone has to give change a chance. We are going through a Great Awakening right now. This is the most important time in...
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    2016 Canadian Tour

    Surprisingly, Morrissey has indicated some tentative dates for a Canadian tour, his first since his boycott in 2006, including an intimate date in Charlottetown, where arch-rival Gail Shea, former minister of fisheries, was defeated in her riding in the recent election. Additional dates have...
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    Is "Lost" about the meeting Tyler scene in Fight Club?

    Morrissey was a hardcore boxing fan starting prior to "Lost" being written in 1997 and the book Fight Club came out in 1996. That alone wouldn't make it surprising that he would have read it and this scene's homoeroticism makes it even less surprising. It just hit me today that the song...
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    Chris Isaak -- We Let Her Down

    Morrissey and Chris Isaak have some of the best traits in common. Well that's my opinion but let me know what you think about the two. I've liked Chris Isaak for a long time but I just came across his song "We Let Her Down" from his 2009 record and it shows that you can still make great and...
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    The Hits That Weren't

    At any point in his career, which Morrissey songs that were not released as singles do you think would have been the biggest potential hits? Or which songs that were put out as singles should have been withheld in favour of another song on that record? Or does it not matter? Well of course it...
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    Your Arsenal

    This album is highly regarded, sure, but I don't think it sits on the pedestal that it deserves to. I love the new album. Vauxhall and I and Viva Hate are fantastic. But I can listen to Your Arsenal today and be rendered breathless and totally overwhelmed by the songs and how amazing the album...
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    The Tragically Hip

    Some would say while England had the Smiths, America had R.E.M. Intelligent, at times poetic lyrics. Culturally important to their respective nations. Started off with a comparable sound. Then you have the Canadian answer to these two bands -- the Tragically Hip. The Hip have been massive in...
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    "World Peace..." first week chart positions (Europe, Scandinavia)

    Not too surprising since he's had a top ten album each since Quarry in Germany. #30 in Sweden was a shock after consecutive #1s previously. Chart (2014) Peak position Austrian Albums (Ö3 Austria) 17 Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia) 160 Belgian Album Chart Ultratop (Flanders) 7 - posted by...
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    Do You Think Morrissey Should Dye His Hair?

    I've personally noticed that his face really hasn't aged much at all since the 90s relatively speaking but his hair just makes him look like a geezer. I don't know what happened but he went grey in a hurry. Lately he's been using a lot of old photos anyway so clearly he'd prefer not to look like...
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    Morrissey v Canada and Where Will He Chart Here?

    I will ask you, even if this only interests me... where do you expect World Peace Is None of Your Business to chart in Canada? In response to this comment in another thread I went off on a bit of a tangent and wrote a mini essay so if you're interested have a read. "Well you can look at it...
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