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  1. Maudliner

    London - Alexandra Palace (Mar. 9, 2018) post-show

    Well he hasn't come on yet but the venue's a bit of a nightmare. Made everybody queue the pouring rain for absolutely ages. Comparing it to Brixton (half the capacity but still) you just waltz straight in.
  2. Maudliner

    Queueing for Alexandra Palace

    Sigh. My mate's had to drop out so I have a spare standing ticket for tonight. Mesage if you're interested.
  3. Maudliner

    London - Brixton Academy (Mar. 1, 2018) post-show

    Ah. Thanks very much for the direction. I just found one on YouTube too with all the videos :)
  4. Maudliner

    London - Brixton Academy (Mar. 1, 2018) post-show

    I wasn't planning on going last night (family birthday) but made a last minute decision to get over there (drove as I knew the trains would be out of action). So glad I didn't miss Moz at one of my favourite venues. It was a great gig. Moz was on form and the set list pretty strong. I was up...
  5. Maudliner

    Morrissey fan's photo becomes a tour t-shirt - Rae Mitchell / Facebook

    I'd be happy to work for tea. Tea and party rings. Love the T-shirt image but I'm not really one for wearing bold designs. In fact, none of the stuff in the Mporium is what you'd call...subtle.
  6. Maudliner

    Paso Robles, California cancelled/postponed to 2018 due to inoperative on-stage heating

    Pissed off if the venue actually did know that early and left everyone standing around in the cold.
  7. Maudliner

    Paso Robles, California cancelled/postponed to 2018 due to inoperative on-stage heating

    To all the people saying it wasn't really that cold, I thought it was bloody freezing and I'm used to the cold, being a Brit (even if of the southern wimpy variety). Was expecting Cali to be warm and what I got was the same temperature as back home right now. It got down to 4 degrees overnight...
  8. Maudliner

    San Francisco, CA - Masonic Auditorium (Nov. 4, 2017) post-show

    Everyday Is Like Sunday (stage invasion) How Soon Is Now? 'Trumpshifters' Of The World Unite
  9. Maudliner

    San Francisco, CA - Masonic Auditorium (Nov. 4, 2017) post-show

    San Francisco was my first Moz gig. I was lucky enough to be in the area for work and to get tickets to both that and this evening's gig at Paso Robles - but he's just pulled that one due to 'faulty heating on stage' (it was a bit brisk out there to be fair). Amazing - now I feel like I've had...
  10. Maudliner

    Members Pics

    I've been zigzaging all over America (well north/south between Wisconsin and Tennssee to be exact, on holiday) and couldn't resist a cheeky call in to one particular spot. Needless to say, I came prepared...
  11. Maudliner

    Rubber Ring 7" Demo 24/96 HD Wav Vinyl Rip

    This is gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing. I love how being so stripped back it gives even more room for the theatrics and emotion of his voice to come through. But it feels completely lost without the sample loops at the end. Really shows how you can build a song and what a great impact they...
  12. Maudliner

    New album 'Low in High-School' (Nov. 17, 2017) on Etienne Records / BMG; Hollywood Bowl (Nov. 10)

    Yay! Great to finally have proper confirmation after all the on-off winks and nudges.
  13. Maudliner

    "England Is Mine" released and in cinemas (UK, Aug. 4, 2017)

    I ventured out to the Aldgate screening of this last night and have to say that I enjoyed it. Having been put off initially by the casting, I think Jack Lowdon made it his own and should at least be commended for his facial expressions which were spot on in places. Sure the plot has more than a...
  14. Maudliner

    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    Thanks :) Yeah that photo looks like butter wouldn't melt but don't believe it.
  15. Maudliner

    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    Hi all, another UK newbie here. Been a music fan all my life but somehow the Smiths and Morrissey seemed to pass me by. Having been born in the year of the Smiths first album release, musical influences came mainly from my parent's 60s era and, growing up, I was hugely into Suede and then...
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